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Shockingly In some regions, PS5 stocks will  limited
Although people are trawling through the after-Christmas sales searching for where to buy PS5 consoles, we have heard very little about the incoming stock of PS5... Until right now.

The gist of these new rumors is that Target is reportedly receiving units into its warehouses around the US early next week, the first drop is likely to be in the early hours of Monday morning (December 28) - although precisely when remains to be seen and could be subject to change. To find out if it's lives, this is the Target page you'll need to check. (As of this update, it's not available, but keep checking!)

Although PS5 inventory is rare and severely restricted, here's where else to check when it lands:

Apparently, the stock is now heading to shops, but the key thing people are waiting to know is when it will actually appear to buy online - right now nothing is showing on the Target page. Our guess is that we could see units on sale from 3 to 5am ET, based on the past when previous drops went live, but it's someone's guess right now.

It remains to be seen whether the source of the Spiel Times is accurate, but the details in the report are strong: specific regions are likely to get more than others and Monday is more likely than Sunday. The prime location is the Midwest, but others are also being tipped around the country, so it will be something to find out on the day.

To work out when this will happen, what's tricky is that Target often puts out its PS5 restocks in the very early morning hours - many PS5 stock trackers have woken up to hear that while they were sleeping, a drop has occurred. So if these rumors are true, then in the middle of the night you might have to be awake to find them, which could be Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday morning.

When is it going to appear?
The only good news is that retailers offer the stock in waves to stop their sites from crashing at certain times under heavy loads - which could also explain why Target is dropping in the early hours. Spiel Times shows that the key time for PS5 inventory to land is 3-7AM, and that's something we've experienced in the past.

Similarly, Target has often placed stock out later in the week, so it is not a given that it will happen Sunday-Tuesday, although the Christmas period will often change retailers' schedules dramatically.

Also worth remembering is this previous Tweet from Spiel Times earlier in December:

The report also states that only in-store pickups will be the PS5 stock drop - no walk-in orders (thankfully, to avoid the Covid-tempting stampedes at the PS5 console news) - so you will order online and get them in store at a particular time.

In this wave of stock drops, we have not heard a word about whether they will offer home delivery. Our advice: make sure you've had a 'dry run' of how to check out at Target, sign up for any schemes to help smoother the process / add your payment details, and hope.

The key thing with these PS5 restock drops is to make the checkout process as smooth as possible - you will often be able to add to the cart, but your chance of getting one dramatically decreases every second and click after that.

Should you purchase a PS5?
The PS5 comes with a revolutionary new Dual Sense controller and is capable of 4K gaming at 120fps. With all the best PS4 games, it is also backwards compatible, so you can revisit some classic titles and take your existing library with you.

Also, the PS5's game selection is already nicely shaping up. Games such as Demon's Souls and Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales are must-haves, and you won't find anywhere else to continue Sony's legacy of creating interesting exclusives.

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