Pininfarina Offers Sneak Peak of AR-Enhanced Vehicle

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Italian car designer Pininfarina has released a video preview of its Teorema concept car, which it created using virtual reality (VR) technologies in a first for the company.
Pirinfarina designed the concept car along with technology partners Benteler and Wayray.

Pininfarina’s Technology PartnersBenteler Automotive is a provider of automotive technology to a wide selection of customers and has assisted Pirinfarina’s concept design using Teorema’s modular electric platform.
Additionally, the Paderborn, Germany-based company worked with the Italian designers on the Battista hypercar, which was released in 2019.
According to recent reports, Zurich-based firm WayRay is designing augmented reality (AR) windshields allowing drivers to observe real-time visualisations of virtual objects, maps, and other navigational information from select applications.
Pininfarina is using the AR-embedded windshields for the Teorema concept, and as a result, drivers can access a navigational heads-up display.
Wayray’s solution does not require drivers to wear hardware and incorporates immersive AR to decrease distractions and reduce head-turning for drivers and operators, leading to fewer accidents.
The fully electric autonomous vehicle stands at 1.4m tall and 5.4m long, and the front seat turns 180 degrees to face backseat passengers.
Pininfarina’s concept vehicle is a luxury product and if Wayray’s solution decreases driver distractions significantly, it will set a milestone in automotive safety.
Wayray’s investors include automotive leaders Porsche and Hyundai Motors, who may keep a sharp eye on the evolution of the Italian concept vehicle as it develops.

Rory Greener