Nreal Light developer kits are now available

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Nreal made a presentation at CES earlier this year and presented its Nreal Light AR laminated reality glasses which made it look very advanced, at least in some structured steps, for example, it is not a futuristic and big-eyewear and looks more like a pair of glasses.

On the company's website you can already purchase developer kits both developer kit and enterprise edition.

Really lightweight Nreal Light lenses weigh just 88 grams, made possible by transferring some load to a smartphone, tracking inside out 6DOF, and boasting a relatively wide 52-degree (oblique) field, thanks to a bird's-eye view optical design That emits images from dual micro 1080p measurements;HoloLens and also Magic Leap One by projecting close views.

There is also a consumer version, coming in early 2020 and connecting via USB-C to a user's phone.

The only significant difference between the two versions is Enterprise Edition, including a one-year utility. Norrell doesn't really state what it means exactly, but if it's something we've seen in VR, it will probably provide support for dedicated business customers.

Nreal also offers a prescription lens set containing 15 pairs of lenses with what the company calls "a wide range of diopters for myopia users."

Although we tried Nreal Light briefly in the show, we didn't go deep enough to get a full snapshot.

Specifications and box's contents:

Weight: 88 grams ,

Connectivity: USB-C compatible

Optics: Integrated Lightguide / 52 degree field of view

Environmental Understanding : SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping) / 6DOF tracking / Aircraft detection / Image tracking

Controller: 3DOF Tracking, Touchpad, Hptic Feedback

Computing unit weight: 170 grams

Hardware Platform: Qualcomm Snapdragon 845

Operating System: Android

What's in the box?

Original goggles

Oral computing unit

Nreal Light Controller

Corrective lens frames

The clip

Pads, though

USB-C cable


Cleaning cloth