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November 2021: The 20 Best Rated & Most Popular Quest Games & Apps

Paid Meta Quest Apps with the Highest Ratings Each application's rating is based on a compilation of user reviews and is a useful tool for determining how well each title is received by customers.

RankNameRating (# of ratings)Rank ChangePrice
#1Puzzling Places4.93 (583)$15
#2The Room VR: A Dark Matter4.89 (8,208)$30
#3I Expect You To Die 24.88 (1,202)$25
#4Walkabout Mini Golf4.86 (4,017)$15
#5Ragnarock4.84 (229)New$25
#6Swarm4.82 (1,295)↓ 1$25
#7Moss4.82 (5,056)↓ 1$30
#8I Expect You To Die4.81 (3,900)↑ 1$25
#9Cubism4.81 (507)↓ 1$10
#10Pistol Whip4.77 (7,550)↑ 1$30
#11Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted4.77 (6,399)↑ 2$30
#12ALTDEUS: Beyond Chronos4.74 (917)↑ 2$40
#13Trover Saves the Universe4.74 (1,796)↑ 3$30
#14Yupitergrad4.73 (428)↑ 3$15
#15Job Simulator4.72 (8,409)↑ 5$20
#16SUPERHOT VR4.72 (13,941)↑ 3$25
#17Vacation Simulator4.7 (2,476)↑ 4$30
#18Until You Fall4.7 (1,461)↑ 5$25
#19Pixel Ripped 19954.7 (881)↑ 6$20
#20Down the Rabbit Hole4.7 (1,180)↑ 2$20

Changes in rank and statistics since October 2021
YUKI, The Thrill of the Fight, GORN, In Death: Unchained, Racket: Nx are all dropouts.
Average rating (mean): 4.8 out of 5 (0) among the top 20 Quest apps$24 (+$1) is the average price (mean).$30 (zero) is the most common price (mode).Among all the Quest apps that are available for purchase,4.3 out of 5 (0) is the average rating.$20 (+$1) is the average price (mean).$20 ($0) is the most common price (mode).

Meta Quest Most Popular Paid Apps One way to look at which apps are the most popular in the Quest store is to see which ones have the most reviews over time. Since our last check, the games listed below have received the most reviews.

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