Microsoft Flight Simulator Available Now, this is real!

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To achieve three major objectives, they designed the Microsoft Flight Simulator from the ground up: realism, precision and flight authenticity. Today, we're excited to share that Microsoft Flight Simulator Virtual Reality is now available on your favorite PC VR headset, providing the deepest and most realistic virtual flight experience in the new simulator to date.

In shaping how the team approached VR, the flight sim community was a very involved and informative partner, and continues to be a vital partner in our continued growth as we make more changes and introduce new functionality to the simulation. The addition of VR to Microsoft Flight Simulator directly resulted from community reviews, and we look forward to continued collaboration with us in the franchise's future.

Our goal was to make as many VR players as possible available for this update. We have worked to make this free update compatible with a wide range of supported devices, including most Windows Mixed Reality (including the HP Reverb G2), Oculus, Valve, and HTC headsets, in order to achieve this goal. To use VR, make sure you have the new Microsoft Flight Simulator update downloaded.

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