"it" coming to eat you alive in virtual reality

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In order to get into the atmosphere of this horror game, we will start with a song by Eminem from the movie IT: FLOAT - The experience of cinematic VR

For decades, the works of Stephen King have been scaring readers. There have been several adaptations of one of the most iconic novels by the author, IT, including a TV mini series and a film. A new film adaptation is coming to theaters soon, and a spin-off experience of virtual reality (VR) titled IT-Float: A Cinematic VR Experience.

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IT tells the story of the town where kids started to disappear in Maine. A group of children known as 'The Loser Club' due to their outcast status, face their own deepest, darkest terrors as they are faced with the evil clown Pennywise, who has been responsible for the disappearances and who is, in reality, something much older and more terrifying that a creepy man in clown makeup.

From Warner Bros. A trailer for the VR experience, built by SunnyBoy entertainment and presented by Warner Bros Pictures with New Line Cinema, has been released by the studio behind the film. The experience will make it possible for viewers to meet the sinister clown and take a trip to the sewers of Derry, the small town where the story takes place in Maine.

The movie stars Bill Skarsgård as the central villain, the clown Pennywise, who also plays a critical role in the VR experience. You can go to the IT Movie website for users who want to try the IT: Float VR experience. The video can be viewed using YouTube 360, Facebook 360, Littlstar, Samsung VR or Jaunt VR on a VR headset, or can be viewed on a desktop or smartphone as a 360-degree film.

Article by Larry Singol for VRisrael2013