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In virtual reality, a mother meets her deceased daughter.

MBC recently aired a Korean-language documentary focusing on the death of a young girl named Neon, Beth's father broken, to organize a recent farewell party, the South Korean television channel reconfigures Neon for one last break with Ji-sung, the family, using In photogrammetry technology, video photography and virtual reality.

Neon was a girl full of energy and funny, like any typical seven-year-old girl. When she was living with a life-threatening disease with extreme hyperthyroidism because of uncontrolled white blood cell production, SHS was a disease caused by uncontrolled growth of blood cells in the human body.

The documentary called 'Meeting You' and recreates a series of warm memories from Neon's life. Ji-sung mother meets virtual version of her home using virtual reality glasses. Neon giggles and asks her mother nervously if she's scared. She wonders why it's cold outside. They elevated both to a heavenly dimension.

The mother and daughter experienced two happy memories together, a birthday, and eating neon's favorite seaweed soup with honey and rice.

Ji-sung lets Neon eat and strokes her hair as Neon staggers carefully.

The YouTube version is useless, the nine-minute Korean language video. Fortunately, the Korean was easy to translate, and you can also find translated videos. The intensity of Ji-sung's emotions, no matter what the language, is very human.

Aside from the cynical achievement of a mother's union with her late child in order to increase the ratings, we find it shocking, or indeed, Neon even reminds her father to quit smoking and not quarrel over anything with Mom.

Recovering a girl or loved one who has passed away with such high accuracy and loyalty to a source raises a degree of moral concern.

Whether it is an unnecessary innovation or a legitimate coping strategy to help solve a tragic event by raising their lost loved ones, we do not know where this will develop.

The family claims it does not hide from the facts and tries to forget what was undoubtedly one of their worst cases. The recollection of her memory of Neon's recent essential virtual encounters is a single, bitter parting that will never end up in a hospital bed. Death also looks horribly cinematic.

My first cynical urges as a person have mostly disappeared after the translation that cannot replace the truth of the matter. It is not yet perfect, but at some point it will probably make sense to me.

They restored the girl in virtual fashion over eight months using several techniques by creating a virtual child developed by South Korean Vive Studios (not affiliated with HTC Vive Studios). The traffic wasn't just based on some players focusing on neon videos and photos on the web.

A 3D imaging technique called photogrammetry took high-resolution images. Based on the figure, the character was Neon's little sister.

Although not seen in the video above, the studio used AI through voice recognition integration, which allows the couple to have a basic conversation. The picture is hard to understand. They generated answers based on family interviews and videos.

In short, it's not exactly new to revive the face of a deceased person, and I think of many examples: Fred Astier embodies the Devil's Devil, Tupac holograms, and more recently the Deep Pike imagery of deep characters, which makes you wonder what this is about? In a well-known actor or someone not real.

You're welcome to watch, but for me it was hard to watch!