In this article we will talk about virtual reality, the near future and of course the effect of the corona.

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For those who do not yet know my name is Larry Singol and I am from the future, unfortunately the future is not far enough, I am from 2027, then the technological singularity will take place.I'm sure smart people reading this article now take me skeptically, it's okay, I have no point in proving, what I should do I do.
I have the ability to see back and forth in time, until 2027, from that moment you see nothing.What do I mean by time travel?I have a fertile imagination since I was a child and have always lived the future for many years to come, unfortunately I ran out of that ability as soon as the technological singularity began.
I do my best to update in articles from 2013 on technological singularity, some of the areas I lead in this areas, virtual reality, augmented reality, digital assets and artificial intelligence.
In the next article we will talk about Bang, Corona and the future of humanity.

What will the world look like through virtual and augmented reality glasses and of course artificial intelligence technology and what caused the corona crisis?

I had a very hard time deciding where to start, so I started from where I “come from” which is from the future in 2027 just before the technological singularity.
Virtual reality technology is back from the past in a big way and the technology is spreading to all existing fields, even similar technologies such as: "augmented reality, combined reality and mixed reality, all gain momentum and mark the era of other universes.
This is one of the most significant technologies we have known to date, it is a technology that will shake our understanding of reality fundamentally. In a previous article, I told you the birth story of technology from its inception to the present day. And in the next article, I will tell you what I know is going to happen in the coming years and until 2027 just before the technological singularity.
Due to the corona crisis and the needs created for humanity, many solutions have come and still come from the field of virtual and integrated mechanization, the graphs of the industry are more optimistic than ever.
I have been expecting technological singularity for as long as I can remember, but now that it could happen so close, I'm a little scared, the corona virus has accelerated all the processes that were technologically dizzying anyway.
Like I said, my name is Larry Singol from VRisrael2013 and I invite you to join me at the White Rabbit Hole to see where Alice has gone?

What is the reality anyway? And who told you that you are not in virtual reality right now?
Before I start going into details, a brief explanation, the first computer game that came out in 1972 was pong or in English pong these were two lines that play ball, let's see a YouTube video of the game:

About 60 years have passed, and now we are watching the computer games of the year 2020.

Picture of Facebook's advanced virtual reality glasses, Oculus Quest 2:

Worth watching the video for the new games coming out in virtual reality, look what a technological leap from zero to a hundred in less than eight years.
YouTube video of the new games for virtual reality glasses:

Now let's imagine the near future in a few years ,, say 2026, this year a virtual reality will be equal to the "normal" reality and this leads us to a very serious thought about our existence, who said we are not in a computer game right now? Computers will soon be able to create computerized characters that will have free will and emotion and that is a point for thought.
It is important to sharpen and explain to those who missed, virtual reality is glasses as of this moment only! In a few years, virtual reality goggles will be a brain-computer interface, where we will receive all reality by wirelessly connecting to a computer and the internet including virtual reality and integrated of course directly into the human brain.

Real virtual reality is not based on glasses, there is a limit to the amount of senses that can be put into such primitive technology, in just a few years, the physical stores will also move to the new virtual world, computers with artificial intelligence will serve us in virtual reality world, when we want to measure or try a product. It's in the virtual world.
When we want to order something from a digital store, skimmers will send it to us in a hurry or 3D printers will print it for us at home. If this would be a great product, it is likely that it left the factory computerized robotic manufacturing the product instead sent quickly to the customer by truck autonomous. In short, today we can see the Amazon skimmers project, a project of Google's autonomous cars and Tesla.
Companies such as Narolink (Alon Musk) develop direct brain-computer interfaces that can be built directly into your brain.

Everything that humans wanted they fulfilled, (quantum mechanics), when we wanted as a human species to fly, we flew, when we wanted to breathe underwater, we breathed, landed on the moon, we landed, and replaced parts of the human body is no longer science fiction (nano robots one example of many) . Who would have believed that just 100 years ago, people walked and looked at the stars, not knowing their place, just as we are today.
Not far off is the day when we can scan the minds of all mankind into a machine and do many more amazing things, is this the next step in our evolution?
Once the revolution is complete, the world as we have said, will not be what it used to be and just like someone who grew up in the western world in this century, no one will really want or be able to live like a century ago, people used to comfort and air conditioning, car, TV, computers and more ... when people live in a virtual space, they will each can and it may be a serious problem, return to the physical reality that we are much more limited and human, will we not care, and I personally think that, when a company dies giant technology to produce new technologies that may significantly affect the human race must They also have to take care to educate the public for proper use and share with us their ethics, which is not actually happening unfortunately. The devastating consequences that computer games have on some people can be seen today.

In my opinion and in the opinion of experts in the field of virtual reality, artificial intelligence, computing and programming, we are taking huge steps towards technological singularity.
To sum up briefly: Technological singularity is the day when we can produce smart computers like humans and then let those computers build their own smarter computer and so on.
Once human wisdom is at the level of an ant facing the computers of the future, what will be, you probably ask? No one knows what will happen in singularity and that is why they chose the name technological singularity after the singularity black guys in astronomy, no one knows what exactly happens when you get into a black hole.
So how will this story end you ask? Maybe we will become God or maybe we will cease to exist (probably in the present form anyway) it is probably too big for us to understand that relative to a computer on such that centers within it all human knowledge. I can not imagine what the computer will think of us or anything else.
For those who want it is recommended to read Ray Cartville's book, Singularity is Near.
The article was written for Virtual Reality Israel 2013 by Larry Singol.

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