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If you liked the Strange Things series and the 80s vibe you must play in the 1980s virtual reality arcade game

Virtual reality takes us back to the arcade of the 80s ,The virtual reality game retro arcade vr sends you back in time to the sweet eighties, the digital development company Cybercherries is responsible for this masterpiece, the game can be purchased on Steam.

The new virtual reality game really manages to introduce us to the world of video games of the 1980s, inside the world you will find classic arcade machines, bowling alleys and slot machines.

The game feels realistic in a fun way, it can be described as between imagination and reality and maybe even a daydream.

In this arcade game you go back to the eighties as children and relive the period, in the arcade space you will find games, movies and also hear the songs of the eighties.

The company that created the game says that the ultimate goal was to touch the nostalgic emotion so the game is packed with nostalgic items from the eighties.

Author of the article: Larry Singol Virtual Reality Israel.

downloads from steam

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