How did the corona crisis affect the realm of virtual reality?

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What will the world look like through virtual and augmented reality glasses and of course artificial intelligence technology and what caused the corona crisis?
A small leap in the imagination for the future:
The year 2027, there are no traffic jams, I sit in the autonomous vehicle that takes me to the sea, the sky is full of gliders and drones that take packages from place to place and robotic trucks fill the roads, Amazon trucks, eBay, Google, Facebook and more ...
On the streets where I pass quite empty since about 50% of the developed world population has moved to live and work in virtual and integrated reality, the corona virus has arrived and pushed the field that was already in accelerated development in 2020.
My artificial intelligence assistant (Siri, Google, Apple, etc.) sits next to me as a hologram and shows me the news of the day.
Dad, yeah, and my daughter shows up at the driver's seat as an oligogram, it's my daughter who calls from school, in fact she's at home and only meets for social gatherings.
The school of 2027 is in a virtual world where there is also my daughter's school, where you study without the risk of contracting diseases, no need to hold large spaces, no morning traffic jams and the like, you got the idea.

In 2027 there is no money as you know it in coins and bills, everything is digital, a large part of the public can not work, receives fixed unemployment benefits from the country where he lives, with those citizens everything is measured by how much they give to society and so they are rewarded, the more you give to others you have more For yourselves, politicians no longer run the world, in fact since 2015 the world has been run by bots and simple computers run by humans, but all that has changed forever.
In 2027 about 90% is controlled by governments and giant companies, those who hold stronger, stronger artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence wars will enter a dizzying pace in 2023, artificial intelligence that has passed the level of the smartest man will appear by 2027.

Large commercial companies solve the labor shortage created in the world by creating virtual jobs, actually producing work just so that humans will do something, not that computers cannot do it. Some people just have to work.
Although there is no world peace yet, there is a global interest that maintains stability, the period of excess information and lies has passed from the world, with the help of advanced artificial intelligence software we have all the BIG DATA and clutter, quantum computers so efficient that they solve problems. On new questions, most of us got lost in the real and virtual world, the generation after the corona virus and technological acceleration (technological singularity).
Speaking of virtual and combined reality, it is no longer about glasses and accessories, in 2029 it will be a device that puts us in Matrix mode, a great idea for Matrix 4, we just wanted to be batteries.

During the story, I have already reached the sea, the car is parked alone in an empty place, the chair comes out and becomes a Segway that continues with me to the beach, where I take off my Nike shoes that look like shoes back to the future one by one All the songs I love, at the same time the artificial intelligence assistant, document everything in 360 degrees including sound and information from all the networks.
My name is Larry Singol, I have been expecting technological singularity since I can remember, but now that it can happen every day, I'm a little scared, the corona virus has changed the world we knew and we are entering a new world that human foot has never stepped on.
All the processes that were dizzying speed anyway.

My name is Larry Singol and I have been living in the future since I was a child, today I am going back to the present to change the future.

And now back from the future ...... to 2020.

What is happening right now in this world in 2020? How will this affect the human race as a society? What does the future hold for us? Is there a risk to the human race? The next step in our evolution as humans to interface with the machine?
Just as new technology will contribute to the human race, it may also cause side effects, humanity needs to be prepared for users' addiction to the new technology.
Once the revolution is complete, the world as we have said, will not be what it used to be and just like someone who grew up in the western world in this century, no one will really want or be able to live like a century ago, people used to comfort and air conditioning, car, TV, computers and more ...

When people live in cyberspace, they will be omnipotent and this can be a serious problem, returning to the physical reality where we are much more limited and human, will show us no interest, and I personally think, that when giant technology companies produce new technologies that can significantly affect the human race, They must also take care to educate the public for proper use and share with us their ethics, which unfortunately does not happen in practice.

The devastating results that computer games have on some people can be seen already today, in China today more and more rehab centers are opening for people who are addicted to computer games and in the Western world similar results can be seen. What will our future look like and how will virtual and integrated reality technology change our lives? As I finished in the previous episode, this is just the beginning, let's go ahead and keep following the white rabbit, we'll see where it takes us.

Addiction to computer games As we have already said, this is a known problem. For example, in the picture above you can see an older woman who has become addicted to her life in a second life game online mass game that inhabits an entire virtual world where games, life, and employees.
People from all over the world work there. What does it mean to work maybe you ask? So first of all, it is important to explain that the world in the second life game is a whole and infinite world, unlike the earth which is a star if a limited amount of space, the virtual world is an infinite world, just like the universe.
In games like second life, you can travel endless continents, set sail, fly from place to place and buy products, such as: clothes for your character, gifts for friends in the game, furniture for your game and even buy digital real estate, you can purchase a virtual palace if you want, the game world even has Money of his own and in order to purchase money for the game world, one has to convert money from the real world, into money from the game world.
People who live within the game, need service and therefore there should be people who work within the game world, so how does that happen? It is said that I buy a clothing store in the game world, I buy the property just like in reality, I choose a store name, design the store, create the clothes and offer them to the residents of the game world. There are very many people who live from work in the virtual world and you will be surprised, there are many people who have become very rich thanks to their business in the game world.
Not long ago, a player in the game purchased land and built a castle worth $ 5 million on it, maybe in the future, our kids will be really disappointed that we did not purchase virtual space, just like today we shared twice disappointed that parents did not buy cheap real estate 40 years ago.
Today, millions of people live in second life, some of whom marry there and live there full time. I paste you a picture of a real wedding that took place in second life, these are real people who fell in love with each other's virtual characters.

So as you can see, even getting married and being young is possible in virtual and combined reality, the idea in games of this kind, that you can choose who you are. Man, woman, bisexual, life, or any creature you want. A disabled person, can walk in the world of virtual reality and a person who wants to be a superhero, will be a superhero in the game world.
An older person who wants to be young in the game will be young and a young white guy can be a young and beautiful black woman and so in the virtual game world that has endless possibilities, millions of people live and work, some are addicted.
Of course it's not a real world yet, but that's going to change soon, virtual reality technology in 2020, advancing at a pace of commerce and once we can actually live in other worlds we love, many people will prefer the virtual world over normal reality and some people will have an addiction problem. : In the movie The Substitutes, whose plot takes place in the not too distant future, the human race has chosen to live in virtual reality and only a very small fraction of the people go to war to liberate the human race that does not want to be liberated at all.

It is important to understand and talk about it later, this is the near future and not in 20 years.
In the coming years we will see virtual reality interfaces that are not based on eyes, the interfaces will be wirelessly connected to the human brain.There is a limit to the amount of senses that can be put into current virtual reality technology, it is still primitive, later we will talk in detail about Alon Musk's Neuralink.
Within a few years, the physical stores will be almost completely extinct, what the Corona has done is simply accelerate the obvious process above it and in the not-too-distant future, a few years, most of us will purchase everything in our virtual, integrated, augmented reality world. Computers with artificial intelligence will serve us in the virtual reality world and also in the real world, when we want to measure a product or try it, we can do it in the virtual world. When we want to order something from a digital store, skimmers will just send it to us at that moment or 3D printers will print it for us at home. If it is a large product, it will most likely come from a robotic computerized plant that will produce the product on the spot and ship quickly to the customer's home, by an autonomous truck. In short, you can already see the Amazon skimmer project, the autonomous car project of Google and Tesla.

In my opinion and the opinion of experts in the field of computing and software, we are taking huge steps towards technological singularity, in short, this is a day when we can produce a smarter computer than all humans and then that computer can build a smarter computer on its own and so on. Until human wisdom is at the level of an ant in front of the computers of the future. You must be asking? Why is no one stopping it? There are a lot of reasons for this that will just make it happen.
The reason scientists call the period when the computer has passed man technological singularity is because of the name given to black holes in space.
So what will happen? Either we become God or we cease to exist (probably in the present form anyway) it is probably too big for us to understand, because we are actually less of an ant, relative to a computer on one that centers within it all human knowledge and beyond. I can not imagine what the computer will think of us or anything else.
Written by Larry Singol, Virtual Reality Israel 2013.

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