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Here's what I discovered after spending a day in Decentraland

Decentraland is a decentralized virtual world where anybody may purchase and sell land pieces NFT based metaverse real estate firm owned by and people who have staked MANA economics through a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). The community establishes the regulations.

When a new trend arises, industry analysts jump on board to declare it the "next big thing," making wild predictions and filling LinkedIn feeds with jargon. This has certainly been the case with the metaverse in recent months.

I like the idea of an open metaverse and the technology that makes it possible. So I pushed myself to spend a day in Decentraland, one of the most talked about metaverse platform, a place where people interact, trade, and construct new worlds.

Liberation of the mind

It was excited to me to create on the platform to build and experiences new worlds felt so realistic. The builder function in the platform is simple to learn and operate, with the option of import bespoke 3D models through a software development kit (SDK).

With creator control being a founding principle of Decentraland, it’s refreshing to work on a platform with few guard rails or restrictions. I can reward commercially creative excellence through MANA.

The immersion challenge

Decentraland is web-based 3D rendering technologie, enabling blockchain interactions and a vast virtual web experience in which your avatar may sprint for miles over the virtual world's plains.

It is a pity at the moment that it is not possible to use virtual reality glasses. They limit the interface to either Windows PC or MacOS devices, which makes the entire user experience difficult. 

Decentraland is metaverse world like Sandbox, Rec Room, and Somnium and they are all in the competition to build and market a virtual and augmented reality devices to give a better experience is heating, and it might be a significant element deciding long-term success.

a sense of belonging

I talk to people and we made good conversing, exchanging NFTs, and playing games together like PvP games, regions events and trending scenes.

It's like Social media platforms community of the future, like as Discord and Reddit, which serve as portals to virtual worlds. This platform gives us the 3D element, exchanging coordinates and encouraging NFTs drops. 

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article by Amit Caesar:

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