Gloves for virtual reality. What is the difference between them?

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Virtual reality technology provides visual and graphical experiences, in which you now also imagine a sense and a natural touch, what can be a more experience than the ability to feel the weight and sense of things in the virtual world you are in.

This technology already exists by some companies and all of them will talk in the article, I'll show you what's new and what's going to happen in the field in the next two years.

So how to choose gloves for virtual / laminated reality glasses that are right for us, when you want to buy virtual / laminated reality gloves, you need to consider a few things. There are quite a few candidates, but each boasts different specifications and each type of glove has its pros and cons. Each glove was built by a different team and under different circumstances, so there are things unique to each of them. However, all types are a substantial addition to your VR kit and developers.

If you already know why you are buying a pair of virtual / laminated reality gloves, then this article is for you. If what you want is a more immersive experience than any glove that fits your budget will do the job. If you are a bit of a perfectionist with what you want to do, then go well on your list of requirements and start filtering through many gloves, so you don't regret your purchase. If you prefer wireless gloves and no cable, pay more. If you don't mind being connected to a computer with a cable, you can also save on costs.

If you have sweaty hands more than most people, then you will probably want to look at a pair of gloves for work with two hands, for washing, or both. The materials from which they make the glove, and the design of the glove will determine how great your experience will be.

Virtual Reality Gloves AR \ VR can come in all shapes and sizes. The technology they use may differ from glove to glove depending on the manufacturing company, but it builds them to serve you in the virtual environment. It's about human-computer interaction in big steps, lately human and machine interfaces are becoming commonplace. It's a brave another world we live in.

Existing gloves models and specifications available for purchase on 10-12-18:

AR \ VR gloves right now in the world:

1.VRfree Gloves for virtual reality

Virtual Reality Gloves A pair of gloves, with a variety of 6 different sensors connected to HMD and gloves, you can experience your interactive experience without relying on side tracking devices. Very high accuracy. Long battery life and sensation sensors give you a sense of beyond your eyesight.

We design the game gloves for development, and there is potential for a deeper level. The company’s designers are determined to control the hand and finger tracking before adding haptic features soon. This means that your overall experience will be better. The company also put emphasis on gamers.


6 Different sensor types

Full-finger tracking

Stand-alone system

Low latency

Truly mobile

Highly accurate


Long battery life

Multiuser capable

* Note *

2. Gloveone Gloves for virtual reality

A success story of this gauntlet is the initial recruitment at Kickstarter, and they offer one of the most varied simulated / layered reality experiences. Not only can you feel the weight of an object, you can also interact with the buttons and elements, differentiate textures, feel sound waves, get feedback, feel the spirit of the butterfly's wings and feel the drops of rain, heat of fire.

The glove gives you the choice of staying in the Bluetooth and making it easier to use with 9 hand movement tracking axes. Touch zones for reliable digital gestures and a very easy installation for your laptop and devices. All this along with long battery life, definitely ensures gloves that give a strong fight in the field.


Equipped with a variety of sensations

Low latency Bluetooth 4.0

Ultra-low latency with USB

IMU technology

10 Vibrotactile Actuators

Contact areas for digital and reliable gesture recognition

Low footprint on PC and mobile devices

Long life Li-Po battery

3. Hi5 Gloves for virtual reality

They design the i5 gloves to capture as many hand movements as possible, with the fingers fitted with sensors. And the company boasts a 5ms response time, full-finger tracking (easy setup and quick calibration), the company's haptic feedback is one of the best in the market today. Comfortable for breathable, environmentally friendly, antibacterial against bacteria and fabric that keeps them dry and clean, making maintenance very easy.

They supply the power to the AA battery by removable gloves, which ensures that you do not lose valuable time in the charging of the gloves. The new sensor technology makes the ability to keep track of your hand movement exactly high.

We pair the gloves with an optical tracking system, which makes your experience in virtual reality a little more expensive than the competition, but it is a premium product. With perfect feedback, this glove is the holy grail of the mocked and mundane world of reality.


Replaceable battery


Full finger tracking

Low latency

Haptic feedback

4.VRgluv , Gloves for virtual reality

With a futuristic design and a team of ambitious and uncompromising engineers, this glove certainly looks like one of the promising gloves. The glove has 10 sensing zones. This means that when.

You pick up objects in the virtual world, you really feel them.

You can feel almost any material with the help of pressure sensors on each finger. 5 pounds of power on each finger helps restore each object as if you are interacting with them. A 10ms refresh rate, captures complex gestures and gestures, also has a thumb tracking in all directions, whether your thumb is bent.

The wireless design makes the experience hassle-free and with maximum comfort. It's comfortable, breathable, flexible, weighs less than a pound. And there are rechargeable batteries.


10 zones ,

5lbs of force for texture simulation

360 ° Thumb tracking

Pressure sensing



5. BreqLabs ExoGlove Gloves for virtual reality

This virtual reality glove is indeed a fascinating, even more exciting opportunity that uses virtualized / laminated reality. The glove captures finger gestures and 3D poses to uniquely help the technology experience. VR gloves already know how to introduce limitations or fail at certain events, but the new BreqLabs glove has proven itself. It's effective for controlling laptops without tapping the keyboard. And it's also functional for games like Mario 64 and sim- although the device's amazing capabilities have not yet been fully realized.

We equip the gloves with sensors operated by 3 subsystems to monitor hand position, finger movement and Latin grasp. The glove is compatible with devices such as Epson Maverio B7-300, Olympus EyeTrek INSIGHT E1-10, Samsung VRs and many others.

Such as Oculus, Google Daydream, also has Exr love BreqLabs, which is obviously a very innovative software. Gloves have a lot of advantages when you intend to use it to play games or wear a glove to aid mobility in the event of an arm injury. Professionals like video editors, surgeons, artists, etc. will also find the glove very useful.


10 zones ,

5lbs of force for texture simulation

360 ° Thumb tracking

Pressure sensing



Significant innovation

Easy to use

Secure fit


6. Senso Gloves for virtual reality

Senso are wireless gloves among the efficiencies you'll find in the market. No clumsy attachments, just a small box in the back of your hand, you'll probably forget it's even there. The glove gives feedback on every single finger, with a 10ms response time, 10 hours of battery life. There are 7 sensors that track your fingers as accurately as possible to give you seamless integration into the virtual world.

They base the IMU camera on a tracking system like the previous model, but in the upgrade you can definitely say that it is definitely ready for competition in the field. They need no extra expenses with this couple. With about 150 measurements taken every second, the tracking system is fairly accurate, enabling a better user experience than any other glove, the company says.


7 IMU systems

6 FoD porsitional tracking

Vibration motors for each finger

10 hours of battery life

150 FPS

7. Dexmo Gloves for virtual reality

A skeletal glove that cannot be ignored. With a full range of hand movements and power feedback, the DEXMO gloves will really let you interact with virtual reality. With exceptionally long battery life. The company also boasts a wider range of traffic than most of its competitors. With over 20 modes, this flagship product is inherently intriguing. His looks seemed to be taken from Will Smith's Robot Mani. Their technology differs from others and the design.

The glove comes with its own software development kit (SDK), so developers can take advantage of skeletal glove capabilities. For example, more games are incorporating touch into their environments, this product will be virtually invaluable. They use NRF to communicate like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi The company claims it is an effective means of data transmission. It is important to note that the virtual object can be noticeable, but the texture of the objects cannot be. And that somewhat limits the potential.


NRF communication


Wireless motion capture

Variable stiffness force feedback

8. Haptx Gloves for virtual reality

HaptX's innovative gloves use technology that is used to produce more realistic VR called microfluidics. This technology allows users to feel differences in texture and shape most accurately than anything else on the market (according to the company). The primary reason the gloves are not yet sold is because it is still a prototype.

Proving the idea is the purpose of the game with these gloves. It does not aim them at gamers but by commercial users. Everything from military simulation to new car design simulation can benefit from the use of hepatics gloves. It builds them for loyalty and gentleness.

The gloves come with a large console-sized machine that regulates airflow for the tiny engines. actuators help you feel objects in the virtual world. The enormous machine contributes to its impracticality. Not only is the glove design itself bulky, but you also have to swivel the machine around what's very uncomfortable. This is an unknown technology, the price is unclear but not going to be cheap.


6 Different sensor types

Full-finger tracking

Stand-alone system

Highly accurate

Long battery life

Multi user capable

9. Oculus Rift Gloves for virtual reality

When Mark Zuckerberg posted a picture of himself wearing white gloves, the virtual reality world became curious. These retro gloves are a force to be reckoned with. The video showed the world how interactive these gloves can be. The wireless design does a better job and there seems to be a quick refresh rate, which makes it a serious competitor in the market. It should come as no surprise from one of the most influential companies in the VR industry.

The gloves monitor using cameras that make the experience convenient and fast. Therefore, according to Facebook chief scientist Michael Abrash, our hands have 25 degrees of freedom which makes it difficult to accurately track cameras without cameras, so we added cameras.

10. Avatar VR Gloves for virtual reality

A VR glove that not only sends the wearer into the world of visual reality but also gives a sense of real-world guilt, it's easy to understand until vibrotactile and sensors are activated.

Using the upper body tracking technology of the glove, it can capture the slightest movements of the chest, legs and hands. Unlike other gloves, this product looks like a real glove, its outer part made of conductive fabric. Avatar VR is becoming commonplace and some users say it is closest to being the best VR glove on the market, the glove comes with exceptional quality and innovative design so it's no wonder that reputable and various organizations such as [like NASA, Vodafone, BMW, Airbus] have adopted it. The glove is compatible with many AR \ VR glasses and operating systems such as Windows 8.1 - or Windows 10 - and the gloves can be connected via USB or Bluetooth mode.

The glove uses track bands that make up the 9-AXIS IMU and track the chest, legs and hides. Finger tracking is also effective, and the company has also improved the gloves with the built-in 6x 9-AXIS built-in; Which means you can do a varying movement of your fingers, even in a pinch. The glove is powered by a Li-Po battery.


Grand design

Advanced technology

Easy to install and use

Secure fit

Very low latency

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