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Experience virtual reality together with great and proven software - Get to know VR Sync.

Easy 360º playback for unlimited VR devices. 

VR Sync,

Works across all platform sIndustry leading solution for 360 playback.

Reliable and user friendly in any situation.

Use Cases

VR Sync puts you in control and gives your

viewers the best experience possible. 


A scalable solution for any event.


Present your 360 content with ease.


Engage the whole classroom at once.

On location VR,

Efficient and care free operations.


Works with most VR headsets and

platforms. Direct and easy installation from

the app stores.

Upload 360° content

Easily manage and push your content

Via the uploader. Enabling the content.

to directly playback from device

Monitor & Control

Start individual or group playback.

Check connectivity, battery status and

create playlists with the remote.

View playback stats and manage users.

VR Sync,

VR Sync is easy to learn and use. They added features.

constantly to stay up to date with the most recent VR developments. 

Step 1: Select your platform

VR Sync works with most VR devices and

Platforms. VR Sync is available for the.

following platforms:–Oculus GO*

– Oculus Quest (2)

– Oculus Rift (S)

– Samsung Gear VR

– Android*

* Available in store–HTC Vive

– HTC Vive Pro

– Vive Focus

– Google Daydream

– Pico VR

Step 2: Upload your 360° content

VR Sync supports 360 videos and

photos which you can easily manage

From the dashboard. Just drag and drop.

and the content will automatically be

Pushed to the devices. We support:

– Stereoscopic & Monoscopic 360 video

– Equiangular (YouTube format) 360 video

– Standard resolution: 3840×1920

– Spatial Audio (. tbe)

Step 3: Monitor & Control

Playback monitoring

Monitor what

people are seeing at

the moment.

Battery status

Check the battery

status of all your

connected devices.

Video playlist

Make a queue of all

the 360 videos you

want to show.


Let your 360 content

run in loops without

pressing a button.

Single device playback

Control the playback

of your 360 content

per device.

Smart seeking

Fast forward or rewind

your 360 content.

Additional features


Add subtitles to

your 360 content.

Welcome room


welcome room.

Send message

Send messages to

user in VR.

Spatial Audio

Two Big Ears (.tbe)

support for spatial audio

SD Card playback

Play directly from an SD-Card


See data

of VR Sync usage

Windows Client

Desktop player for Windows 10 devices

Organization Manager

Manage users and roles

as admin

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