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ClassicDoge immortalized Your Pet in the Metaverse.

The metaverse exploded, with several DeFi projects successfully launching into the virtual realm. ClassicDoge is one project that is bringing real pets to the metaverse for the first time. It's a decentralized pet ecosystem with a social NFT marketplace that allows pet owners to connect with their animals. The project's creators announced the launch of ClassicDoge, which will allow pet owners to have a 3D digital representation of their pets in the virtual world via NFTs. This is the first project to develop real-world use cases for the pet industry.

ClassicDoge is using blockchain technology and the metaverse to give pet owners a one-of-a-kind experience.

The project isn't just about minting animal NFTs; it's also about immortalizing pet-related memories. Even if the owner loses his or her beloved companion, the pet remains with the owner indefinitely. As a result, anyone will be able to take their pet for a walk in augmented reality or into any metaverse world of their choosing. ClassicDoge is integrating their technology into the top metaverse platforms through upcoming and planned partnerships, allowing pet owners to virtually take their pets with them wherever they go.

Animal lovers can own an NFT of their real pet, train to level up skills, buy wearables, and bring their pet with them on the DeFi platform, just like they can in the real world. Apart from that, owners can participate in events and missions with their pets in order to earn rewards and strengthen the bond between them.

Bridging the Real World with Augmented and Virtual Reality in the Petaverse is reshaping the Petaverse.

Two of the driving factors for creating ClassicDoge, according to the team behind the project, are to improve the connection and interaction between the pet and its owner in ways that have never been possible before. When owners lose their pets in the real world, they say their final goodbyes, leaving only precious memories. While the bond may still exist, it is impossible to recall all of the wonderful memories and moments shared.

By assisting pet owners in immortalizing their pets in the metaverse, ClassicDoge ensures that pet owners do not have to mourn the loss of their pets. This entails converting your pet's 3D scanned image into an NFT in order to gain access to Forever, a pet-centric metaverse. ClassicDoge will not only render the visual characteristics of your pet, but also the ability to include some behavioral traits, resulting in an open-ended memory that you can interact with in a whole new way. This ensures that your pet remains with the owner indefinitely. In the same way that you would in real life, explore the petaverse with your companion.

By using virtual reality and augmented reality to interact with your pet You can teach your pet to do things like:

Obedience, loyalty, intelligence, strength, stamina, endurance, and passion are all qualities that can be found in a person. You can even train your dog to perform specific tasks such as rescue, exploration, security, hunting, assisting, sledding, and more... Participate in events and games to gain access to new content and rewards while increasing your platform rights and governance. Accessorize your pet with limited-edition items to boost the value of your pet avatar and NFT. By increasing the value of your pet, it can be sold on existing metaverse marketplaces or as an NFT in the Classic doge Forever Marketplace to generate royalties for the owner. As the value of your pet rises, mate-a-pet will enable you to collaborate with other users to selectively breed for desirable traits.

Pancake Swap Launches ClassicDoge's Digital Currency

The public sale of ClassicDoge's digital currency xDOGE has already begun on simpleswap. The NFT marketplace and virtual ecosystem will use xDOGE as the currency, allowing users to buy and sell pet avatars, NFTs, and accessories. Holders of xDoge will be able to participate in a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) for voting rights within the community. ClassicDoge provides a staking platform for investors to earn while supporting the project, and xDoge will soon onboard new exchanges to increase awareness and expand the number of trading pairs available.

article by Amit Caesar:

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