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Best VR GAMES 2021

We're in 2021, and the future looks promising for VR. There are plenty of games to watch, and we have a list of games that are worth a place on your Wishlist.

VR–Interactive IO Hitman 3
Agent 47's adventures make a jump into VR PlayStation VR only and you would expect to get a new PC. Hitman 3 looks like it is going to follow the winning format of the current installs–fantastic news for VR players. Hitman aims to manage the environment and explore multiple paths to your goal; ideal for VR.

There's still a big question - when do we see PSVR 2? The gaming industry continues to rocket rumors, but we didn't really hear anything about Sony's plans for VR after Hitman. Gamers keep waiting breathlessly for any hints on updating hardware, with their new console and major banner games like Resident Evil 8 (7 had VR support).

VR–Uprising Sniper Elite
At some point, Sniper Elite is going to jump from flat to VR and hopefully it is going to be in 2021. Sniping was always difficult in VR, so we need a game made from the ground so other studios can learn how it works. This and the x-ray kills will look vicious in VR.

VR–Zulubo Productions, Vertigo, 2
Fans of Half-Life would like to remember the follow-up to Vertigo, which will be quite excellent. Zach Tsiakalis-Brown, the developer of the game, is a Valve alum and a prodigy. He crafted Vertigo not only but also created the great soundtrack for this game. Vertigo 2, as its predecessor, will definitely fill with wit, elegance, humor, and an outstanding design.

VR–Iris VR Inc. Low-Fi
You think I was playing Cyberpunk 2077: "Man, this supposed to be a VR game." While the widely awaited RPG fell short of expectations, there is still hope that Low-Fi will scratch cyberpunk itching on gamers.

Leaning heavily on Blade runner, you play the medium roads of dystopian dystopia as a policeman walking (and flying). Are you going to maintain the law? Or do you exploit it for your own profit? Low-Fi is a part of VR heaven with crimes to solve or to commit itself.

There are a few options for VR racing experiences, but nothing is entirely open to the public. Z-Race could be the game that switches like a smooth combo of Forza and Wipeout. This game polished, so you're at least waiting for a visual festival.

VR–Ryte–The Atlantis Eye–Ebim Studios
Riot looks like a solid, enjoyable action/adventure putting you in the shoes, ER... Atlantic sandals. You'll visit the old town, solve puzzles, and have an epic tale with the beliefs of Assassins.

VR–White Noise Play–Everlasting Starlight
Eternal Starlight is worth a wish list for any RTS fan, even though it does not have an official release date yet. Its support for the really cool monitoring of Oculus Quest II. You can know the approach of Everlasting Starlight in space RTS if you're familiar with games like Homeworld. Note Battlegroup VR, if that is your kind of game, now.

VR–Monad Games Blunt Force
Take the mental visuals and get involved in saving private Ryan's action, and this is literally Blunt Force. In World War II, your character experiences a headache and you bleed both past and present, causing you to switch between them.
This is a clean idea with a lot of promise, let's see where it falls, when it reaches the coming year, hopefully.

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VR–Jorgen Games: The Break In
If you ever want your mates to commit a virtual crime, this is the game to look for. The In break is like Phazmo phobia, except you search for computers, TVs and everything you can retrieve instead of ghosts. While the project was still in the early stages, Reddit has already gained much coverage. Will it be the next great hit of the indie? Let's hope so. Let's hope so.

Virtual Reality, Augmented and Artificial Intelligence 2021 specialist Amit Caesar wrote the article.
Send me an email: caesaramit@gmail.com

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