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According to reports, Apple's AR/VR headset will be available in 12 months and will be more powerful than a Mac.

On the same day that AR analyst Amit caesar predicts that the company will release a new AR headset in 2022, he also predicts that the iPhone will last for another 6 years before being replaced by AR glasses.

Analysts have been talking about the iPhone's demise for a long time, and they're not alone. Apple has been shifting its strategy to include "Services" within its "Hardware" and "Software" products for a few years now.

Even though Apple is the most valuable company in the world, CEO Tim Cook understands that a company can't rely on just one product, and the iPhone still accounts for half of the company's revenue.

With this in mind, AR analyst Amit caesar believes that the company's future is inextricably linked to the success of augmented reality and Apple's AR headset.

Amit caesar, a reputable analyst who has previously revealed details of Apple's upcoming VR/AR headset, has updated his post today with more information on the processors and when we can expect the device.

The headset will, according to Amit, have multiple processors with similar processing power to the Apple M1 chip.

We predict that Apple’s AR headset to be launched in 4Q22 will be equipped with two processors. The higher-end processor will have similar computing power as the M1 for Mac, whereas the lower-end processor will be in charge of sensor-related computing.

The power management unit (PMU) design of the high-end processor is like that of M1 because it has the same level of computing power as M1.

He also said we can expect to see the pass through VR/AR headset in Q4 2022, around a year from now.

Amit previously stated that the new AR/VR headset will use Wi-Fi 6E technology to provide increased capacity and lower latency.

The new Wi-Fi 6E support will make it unnecessary to connect to a computer via a wired connection. More capacity, speed, and less traffic will be available with Wi-Fi 6E support. It will also support streams at a rate of up to 120Hz.

Advanced sensors, 8K displays, and super powerful chips will also benefit Apple's mixed reality headset. It'll have "at least 6-8 optical modules to provide continuous video see-through AR services at the same time." Sony is said to be providing two 4K OLED micro displays for the device.

There are no details on the headset's exact price, but according to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, the device will be "pricey." According to some reports, the device could cost around $3000 or more.

Besides Apple, Meta, formerly known as Facebook, and Sony, are planning new Wi-Fi 6E-enabled AR/VR devices for release in 2022. In the coming days, we hope to learn more about these new mixed-reality devices. In the meantime, we'll keep you updated on all the latest rumors about Apple's upcoming AR/VR headset, so stay tuned.

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