10 friendly Games for Oculus Quest 2

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10 friendly Games for Oculus Quest 2

Although the Oculus company is hardly functional, it is trying to carry on business as usual during the Corona period.

Deliveries from eBay barely arrive, it stopped most of them in customs on standard, Amazon does not ship to Israel and in the sweet potato situation, prices make little sense and everything went wrong.

But we will remain charged and think about games that you must play in virtual reality glasses, oculus quest - oculus s.

1. EVE: Valkyrie Founder's Pack

2. Adrift vr

3. richard plank vr

 4. Chronos vr

5. Rockband VR

6. Elite: Dangerous vr

7. Lucky's Tale vr

8. ProjectCARS VR

9. 2 Windlands vr

10. The Climb vr

Amit Caesar, Virtual Reality Israel 2013, wrote the article.