What will the school look like in the near future in augmented reality?

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What will the school look like in the near future in augmented reality?

Augmented Reality is a relatively new technology that allows us to teach much more information in real time. By using software or games, students can become more involved in the lesson and receive the information visually as well. The ways of the past in education are no longer suitable for the twenty-first century, parents who want to convey a message to the child, often through story, through the combination of story and education can achieve much higher than before.

Layered reality (also possible for VR organizations) allows working in existing spaces and arranging them as additional virtual space. Studies in children have shown that laminated reality can help students solve complex problems.

So how do we combine stratified reality with education?

Nowadays you can download for free or purchase computer programming and AR glasses and show the children how to solve complicated processes, for example, how things happen outside the Earth or in other planets, what is centrifugal force? How does gravity work ?, How does a plane fly ?, Who fights who throughout history ?, What part of the land occupies the earth, how does the human body work? more and more.

In what a layered reality does education contribute?

1. Using Augmented Reality Technology, students can critically analyze and discuss the concept that comes up in the software itself

2. Using Augmented Reality Technology, an idea that is very difficult to explain and simplify can be conveyed

3. With Augmented Reality Technology, Kids' Learning Can Be Passive to Much More Active

What existing programming allows you to study Augmented Reality?

Well there are many types of programming and apps some of which are great for free, through which you can learn and enrich our knowledge and students. For example, an app called inbody in the Google PLAY store allows us to know the anatomy of the human body from the inside as the user is conveyed the feeling that he is navigating between the different body systems. In addition, you can enjoy a guided tour of the solar system in an app called the Solar Solar System VR. Using Layered Reality Technology you can understand lots of events and processes related to various fields like medicine, physiology, chemistry, biology, science, nature and more.

It is important to understand that educational apps for stratified reality are the best way to connect with the youth and children of today, and if you have not found some content, you can simply create it for you, and that does not require a large financial investment.

Technology has changed our lives from end to end in every area of our lives. There is tremendous significance to any technological development that affects not only the global economy but also our levels and quality of life. And so it's very important that we educate our children from an early age to make use of the most advanced technology available. As soon as we educate our child we can be sure that when they are mature they will make great use of technology and this is a very significant thing. So stratified reality in education is our way of ensuring that our children embrace technology rather than being left behind, stratified reality also narrows gaps in education.

Layered Reality in Education - Why Doesn't the State Announce It More?

The stratified reality is growing year by year at an exponential rate, soon not only will we see it in all educational institutions, we will see it in day-to-day life, work, leisure, studies and more ...

According to economic data and analysts' forecasts, we're talking about the Trillions Layered Reality Market in 2022 and the target of at least a billion people using Layered Reality.