What will the future look like in virtual reality - AR-MR? Chapter B

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How will our future look and how virtual reality technology integrated will change our lives? As I finished Chapter A, what I have written so far is only the beginning, in Part B of the article, we will continue to review the virtual, laminated and integrated reality glasses market and continue to follow the White Rabbit, we'll see where it takes us.

As the new technology contributes to the human race, it can also cause side effects, humanity should be ready for the addiction of users to the new technology.

After the revolution is complete, the world as we have already said, will not return to what it was and just like who grew up in the Western world in this century, no one will really want or be able to live like a century ago, ordinary people for comfort and air conditioning, car, TV, computers and more ...

When people live in the virtual space, they will be omnipotent and this can be a serious problem, returning to the physical reality where we are much more limited and human will show us no interest, and I think that when giant tech companies produce new technologies that can significantly impact the human race, they must Worrying about educating the public for proper use, which unfortunately does not happen.

The devastating results that computer games have on some people can already be seen today.

Addiction to Computer Games As we have already said, this is a known problem, for example, in the image above you can see an elderly woman who became addicted to her life in a second life internet mass game that inhabits a whole virtual world where games, lives, and employees work, yes! People from around the world work there.

What do you mean by working? So first of all, it's important to explain that the world in second life is a complete and infinite world, unlike the Earth which is a star if a limited amount of space, the virtual world is an infinite world.

In games like second life, you can travel endlessly, go on a cruise, fly from place to place and buy products, such as clothes for your character, gifts for friends in the game, furniture for your home in the game and even buy digital real estate, you can purchase a virtual palace if you want, the game world even has Money of its own and in order to buy money into the game world, you need to convert real-world money into game world money.

People who live within the game need service and so there must be people working within the game world, so how does that happen? I'm told I buy a clothing store in the game world, I buy the property just like in reality, I choose a store there, design the store, create the clothes and offer them to the residents of the game world.

There are a lot of people who live and work in the virtual world and you will be amazed, there are a lot of people who are very rich because of their business in the game world.

Not long ago, a player in the game bought a tract of land and built a real $ 5 million castle on it, maybe in the future, our children will be really disappointed that we did not purchase virtual land, just as we shared to disappointed twice that our parents did not buy real estate cheap 40 years ago in the country.

Today, millions of people live in second life, some of them getting married there and living there full time. I'm pasting you a real-life second-life YouTube video, these are real people who have fallen in love with each other's virtual characters.

An older woman plays second life as a young woman

So as you can see, getting married and being young is also possible in virtual reality and integrated, the idea of this kind of games, that you can choose who you are. A man, a woman, a sexual, her life, or any creature you want.

A disabled person, can walk in the virtual reality world and a person who wants to be a superhero, will be a superhero in the game world. An adult who wants to be young in the game will be young in the game and a young white guy can be a beautiful young black woman and thus in a virtual game world with endless possibilities, millions of people live and work, some become addicted.

Of course, this is not yet a real world, but that is going to change soon, and virtual reality technology, integrated and layered, is going to change reality.

Once we can actually live in other worlds we love, many people will prefer the virtual world to ordinary reality and some people will have an addiction problem, for example: in the movie replacements, which happen in the not too distant future, the human race has chosen to live in virtual reality and only a very small proportion of people go to war to release The human race that doesn't want to be released at all.

It is important to understand and talk about it later in the article that will talk about the distant future of individual years, a true non-reflective virtual reality, there is a limit to the amount of senses that can be put into such primitive technology, later we will talk extensively about Elon Musk's Neuralink and what it really is virtual reality.

Within a few years, the physical stores would be almost extinct. In the not too distant future, we will purchase everything in our virtual, integrated, stratified reality world. Artificial intelligence computers will serve us in the virtual reality world. When we want to measure or try a product, we can do it in the virtual world. When we want to order something from a digital store, skiers simply send it to us at that moment or 3D printers print it at home. If it is a large product, it is likely that it came from a robotic computer factory that manufactured the product on the spot and would quickly ship to the customer's home, by autonomous truck.

In a nutshell, today's Amazon Skateboard Project, Google's autonomous car project, and Tesla can be seen. You can see pictures of the projects below.

In my estimation and expert opinion in computing and programming, we are approaching huge steps towards the technological singularity that we will discuss in detail in the following articles, in a nutshell, this is a day when we can produce a smart computer like a human being and then the same computer can be built alone smarter and so on. Until human wisdom is at an ant level with the computers of the future.

You probably ask? Why doesn't anyone know what will happen in the singularity? This is why they chose the singularity after the singularity in black holes, no one knows exactly what happens in the black hole. So either we become God or we cease to exist (probably in the present way anyway) it is probably too big for us to realize, that we are actually less than an ant, relative to a computer about such that concentrates all human knowledge within it. I can't imagine what the computer would think of us or anything else.

How it relates to simulated and stratified reality We will get to that in Part C of Amit Caesar's new series of simulated realities in Israel.