What is the price for an interactive floor projector for Jimoberry?

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Interactive projector integration in Jimbury, this is an experiential field for kids that is gaining momentum in Jimbari around the world and in Israel too, kids have social games, visuals, sounds and more. By incorporating an interactive projector into Jimbari there are many games to choose from.

This is an experiential product that turns any surface (walls, tables, floors) into an interactive area. The projected content responds to user movements through motion capture technology. The system creates a unique user environment and provides an exciting multi-sensory experience of changing display and sound in relation to the change in movement. The surface becomes an enchanting virtual gaming area with educational and advertising content. Every little movement will change the example: Kids can play on a competitive football plasma surface through the use of a virtual ball.

By incorporating an interactive projector into Gymburi, you can project images, sounds, and interactive music, you can play alone or in a group of games or content and rituals, according to the operator's decisions.

Have the kids and parents dance and play on an interactive floor that will draw more audience to you, let's upgrade the event. An interactive floor makes any simple floor an interactive playground that identifies each movement that applies and responds accordingly.

Every child's dream come true - an interactive projector for Jimburi will make the Jimbari world a big game world by projecting games onto a floor or wall, with mastery of it through space movements.

Today's gaming technology leaves operators with a powerful acting ability for active gameplay, while the younger generation is indifferent to regular gaming, we are seeing more and more simulated reality sessions being a hit that will make all its regular games interactive and technologies.

In the United States, many Jamborians use Gimbori interactive game projector technology, because of the worldwide success of Jamboris spreading the gospel and the potential of this technology to change the existing game structure in Israel, where they played in the direction of Como and played, by flooring. Interactive in Jimoberry on the wall or floor.

An interactive floor in Jimoberry basically makes the real world a game by projecting games and effects that require a physical response to each room's floor. In addition to existing games in the projector such as Air Hockey or Pong, you can customize and customize each game to be unique to each user.