What is Oculus Link? When is it available for purchase?

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Oculus Link, the upcoming feature that will allow you to play Rift games on Quest, is slated for launch in late November.

According to a statement from Oculus Product Manager, the company makes available to third parties the specification of Oculus Link. "Just to refine the things mentioned above, the Oculus Link cable is quite thin and flexible compared to the packet they receive. But the length, data integrity, flexibility, ergonomics and weight were all important factors, so the company is upgrading our cable specifications, so if a third party wants to create Own author and sell it. ”According to Oculus Product Manager, using Oculus Link in conjunction with Quest back in OC6 has proven to be an amazing experience, to the point that it actually felt like an original virtual reality computer experience.

19.11.19 - 

Facebook announced it has begun the beta phase of the new cable that connects virtual reality glasses to a computer

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