What are 360 cameras? How to choose 360 cameras? What is the price range of cameras capable of documenting three hundred and sixty degrees?

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What are 360 cameras? What is the price range of cameras capable of documenting three hundred and sixty degrees? How to choose 3 60 cameras? Can I make 360 cameras at home?

When it comes to photography equipment of the future, 360 cameras are the next step right here. The special ability of these cameras is not only limited to documenting all the space around the camera without dead spots, these cameras also understand how the elements in the documented space interact with each other and affect the human experience that is in place of the camera. In fact, these cameras are the best way to document and reproduce the full experience of the photographed area and the photographer. Although the field of 360 photography is quite new, there are already a wide variety of peripherals and VR 360 cameras available in this article.

Can you make 360 cameras at home

Unlike Google cardboard goggles that anyone can prepare at home and enjoy virtual reality, peripheral photography is a little more complicated. In a bit more complicated we actually mean very complicated, in order to produce 360 cameras that function reasonably well, cameras should be created without blind spots. Although this is not a simple task, it is entirely possible. The most common way to make a home 360 camera is to purchase multiple Go Pro or Extreme wide-lens cameras and connect them to a device in such a way that they can record the entire environment without blind areas. The facility can be assembled at home using various materials and trial and error or purchased on site. It is important to note that in most cases the 360 camera at home may not be the best or cheapest option for you.

What to do with 360 videos

After purchasing new VR 360 cameras and taking video, the question arises as to how the videos can be edited and displayed to other people. This is the first split point between professional and amateur when it comes to 360 cameras and it is highly recommended to choose the camera that best suits your capabilities and needs. Some cameras come with the option to upload the videos you created directly to Facebook or YouTube without editing them, some even come with simple editing software suitable for editors and photographers of any level. Beyond the basic software that comes with the cameras, you can use professional editing software like adobe premier or simpler editing software. It is highly recommended to watch tutorial videos before editing 360 videos to make sure you are able to take full advantage of this amazing tool.

Tip: When to use 360 cameras

It's important to understand that VR 360 cameras are still a new technology and not all people have easy access to 360 videos. Of course YouTube and Facebook allow everyone access to these videos quite well, but the experience is not as complete as with virtual reality glasses. That being said, peripheral photography can be very effective in creating both private and marketing content. With this photo you can:

Produce experiential advertisements.

Produce virtual tours of properties for sale.

Produce videos that encourage tourism or showcase your business.

Record whole moments and capture the energy in them.

Upload videos to special interfaces like google street.


What is the cost of buying VR 360 cameras

The price range of 360 cameras is quite wide and it is highly recommended to use a professional to buy the camera so that the camera will really exceed all your expectations and allow you to use all the options this tool has developed. Especially when it comes to such state-of-the-art technology, it is often worth investing a little more so that the money is not wasted or slightly less to get equipment that suits your level and needs.

How do I choose between the variety of 360 cameras?

Choosing VR 360 cameras for the average person is no simple task, even the experts do not yet know how the general public will choose to consume this new medium. The first thing you need to do is understand why you need such a camera, whether it is to promote your business, create viral content or just to capture more accurate and powerful moments in private moments. Once you understand your need, we recommend that you consult a professional who can explain to you which camera can best serve you. A person interested in creating private videos should not look at top-notch VR 360 cameras as they will not utilize their capabilities.

Which 360 cameras can be purchased for amateurs?

As we have already said, although this is a state of the art technology, there are many pioneers, including even Israeli companies. We will now cover a number of popular 360 cameras but we also provide telephone advice for those who need more information.

Ricoh Theta S

This camera is compact and convenient for holding a tiny weight of 125 grams. Like other 360 cameras, two contrasting lenses allow it to take a peripheral shot. The camera can hold up to about 25 minutes of video or 260 images in a 360-degree viewing experience of course, its storage volume is about eight bits. This camera has one major advantage over other VR 360 cameras and it has the ability to directly broadcast the photo to Facebook or YouTube with the help of dedicated apps. The price of this camera ranges from three hundred and fifty to seven hundred dollars.


VUSE is an Israeli company that produces VR 360 cameras. The company has already been widely acclaimed for 360 cameras in particular and virtual reality products in general it produces. The rectangular body of the camera contains eight lenses. Thanks to this, all 360 cameras are the only one capable of documenting K4 quality videos. VUSE gives anyone who purchases 360 cameras special editing software tailored for beginning editors and working with the products of VR 360 cameras. The price of this camera should range from eight hundred to nine hundred dollars.

Giroptic 360

Giroptic's 360 cameras are geared to the extreme audience, are waterproof and suitable for any activity, from shooting a bachelor party in the villa, through selfie photography on family vacations to creating a full rafting record. Extended memory cards can be purchased for the camera and it comes with an app suitable for any smartphone. Beyond memory cards, you can purchase additional batteries and take longer photos without the need for recharging. The camera is priced at around five hundred euros but it is not yet available in the market.

LG 360 cam

360 cameras are just part of the virtual reality accessories line that LG markets, all its products are acclaimed. LG's VR 360 cameras are about 10 inches long and weigh only ninety-seven grams. Thanks to two contrasting lenses, the camera is capable of producing K2 quality peripheral images and videos. Unlike other 360 cameras, LG VR 360 cameras use three microphones to record surround sound linked to the video. LG 360 cameras are the first 360 cameras approved by Google to upload their products to Google Street.

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