Troubleshooting Common HoloLens Issues - HoloLens known issues

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This is the current list of known HoloLens bugs and issues that affect developers and end users, this list will stay updated when new issues are discovered or reported, or when issues are addressed in future HoloLens software updates.

WiFi connection

During OOBE & Settings, there is only 2 minutes to enter the username and password, if it takes 2 minutes and you do not enter details, the username will be automatically cleared.

We recommend using the Bluetooth keyboard to enter long passwords.

Update device

30 seconds after a new update, the mantle will disappear once, perform the rash movement to resume activation.

Visual Studio

Update and download a new version of the tool for the latest version of Visual Studio recommended for HoloLens development.

When deploying an application from Visual Studio to your HoloLens, you may see the error: The requested operation cannot be performed on a file with a user-mapped section open. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x800704C8). If this happens, try layout again and everything will work out again.


Not all applications in the Microsoft Store are compatible with the emulator. For example, Young Conker and Fragments are not playable on the emulator.

The emulator's PC camera cannot be used.

The Windows Device Portal Live Preview feature does not work with the emulator. But you can still capture mixed reality videos and photos.


See Install the tools for the latest version of Unity recommended for HoloLens development.

Known issues with Unity HoloLens can be found on the other HoloLens forums.

Windows Device Portal

The live preview feature in mixed reality view may display a few seconds of latency.

On the Virtual Input page, the Gesture and Scroll controls in the Virtual Gestures section are not functional. Using them will have no effect. The virtual keyboard on the same page is working properly.

After enabling Key Mode in settings, it may take a few seconds for the switch to activate the device portal.


If the application sets the focus point behind the user or normal to camera.forward, holograms will not appear in mixed reality in capturing images or videos. Until the bug fix is fixed in Windows, if applications actively set the focus point, they should make sure that the normal is set in front of the camera forward (for example, Normal = -camera.forward).

Xbox Wireless Controller S Wireless Controller

The Xbox Wireless Controller S must be updated before it can be used with HoloLens. Make sure you are up to date before trying to adjust the controller using HoloLens.

If you reboot your HoloLens when the Xbox Wireless Controller is connected, the controller will not automatically reconnect to HoloLens. The guide button light will blink slowly until the controller is stopped after 3 minutes. To reconnect the controller immediately, turn off the controller by pressing the Guide button until the LED turns off. When you turn on your controller again, you need to reconnect to HoloLens.

If the HoloLens goes into standby while the Xbox Wireless Controller is connected, any input on the controller will wake the HoloLens. This can be prevented by turning off the controller when you are done using it.

HoloLens Additional troubleshooting

My HoloLens is not responding or not starting

If your HoloLens doesn't start:

If the LEDs on the power button are off, or one LED is blinking briefly, you may need to charge the HoloLens.

If the LEDs light up when the power button is pressed but nothing is visible in the displays, hold the power button until all 5 LEDs are off.

If your HoloLens is frozen or unresponsive:

Turn off the HoloLens by pressing the power switch until all 5 LEDs are off. If this does not help press for 10 seconds, if the LEDs do not respond. Press the power button again to boot.

If it doesn't help:

You can try restoring your device.

The holograms do not look good or turn around.

If your holograms are unstable, bouncy or don't look right, try one of the following:

Clean the device protector and make sure nothing is blocking the sensors.

Make sure there is enough light in your room.

Try turning around and looking at your surroundings so that HoloLens can scan them better.

Try running the calibration app on HoloLens Use your eyes. Go to Settings> System> Utility. Under Calibration, select Open Calibration.

If you are still having problems after starting the Calibration application, use the Sensor Tuning app to tune the device sensors. Go to Settings> System> Utility. Under Sensor Tuning, select Open Sensor Tuning.

HoloLens does not respond to my gestures.

To make sure HoloLens can see your gestures, keep your hand in your field of vision, which spans a few feet on each side of you. When HoloLens sees your hand, the cursor will change from point to ring. Learn more about using gestures.

If your environment is too dark, HoloLens may not see your hand, so make sure there's enough light.

If your face protector has fingerprints or stains, please use the Microfiber Cleaning Cloths that come with HoloLens to gently clean the sun visor.

HoloLens does not respond to my voice commands.

If Cortana does not respond to your voice commands, make sure Cortana is enabled. In the list of applications, select Cortana> Menu> Notebook> Settings to make changes. To learn more about what you can say, see Use your voice to control HoloLens.

I can't place the holograms or see holograms I put in earlier.

If HoloLens cannot map or load your space, it will enter a restricted state and you will not be able to place holograms or see holograms you placed. Here are some things to try:

Make sure there is enough light in your area so HoloLens can see the map and map.

Make sure you're connected to a Wi-Fi network. If you are not connected to Wi-Fi, HoloLens cannot identify and claim a known area.