Treatment for the golden age by virtual reality VR

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Treatment of virtual reality for the elderly by CaesarVR-2013

Keep memories

Explore the world

Return to your favorite place

Play games

Create artwork

CaesarVR-2013 has built and customized pre-made packages whose mission is to bring virtual reality (VR) to the elderly and disabled people. In stratified reality, we see it as a tool for enriching and empowering people in memory care, sheltered housing, hospitals and more. As the impact of virtual reality grows, we stratified Israel is determined not to allow older generations to miss the benefits of virtual reality for the elderly.

It is often difficult to describe what a virtual reality of a golden age is to someone who has not experienced it on their own. This is why we offer a symbolic experience for every elderly person, exciting to witness at the moment when the participants try their virtual reality glasses and realize that they really feel that they are somewhere else. The room is gone and they are now on a beach, in the garden or sitting in front of the Eiffel Tower.

You are more than welcome to read about our various services on the site and watch our photo gallery to learn more about how CaesarVR-2013 is using this new technology in virtual reality for the elderly, this is an important asset to our aging communities!

Nurturing memory

Virtual Reality for Seniors "If you are depressed or rebellious, just put on your glasses and get into the Matrix, it just relaxes and makes you feel happy."


Virtual Reality for Seniors "I never thought I'd ever try something like this. I put on a pair of virtual reality glasses and suddenly I'm back in my old living room! It's amazing and I still can't get over it. And here I am, learning to travel in other worlds! "

Experience of an 85 year old freelancer

CaesarVR-2013 has created a new experience for my older sister who was recently diagnosed with dementia. The virtual tour made a positive and impactful change as opposed to the usual treatment. Beach music played by her favorite from the 1960s and visual tour of her old family beach apartment. In her wheelchair, she smiled and rocked to the beat. She was not quick to remove the virtual reality glasses, which is exhilarating to me, as the treatment offers a three-dimensional change from the limited reality of dementia and may evoke memories of happier days. "

"It took me to a real and non-real place. I experienced waterfalls, icebreakers, coral reefs of the virtual kind that gave me an experience of things and places that I would not go or could not go and I had a great experience."

Written by Caesar amit, Caesar VR 2013