Tips and Troubleshooting Controls with Magic Leap One

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Tips and Troubleshooting Controls with Magic Leap One

Control provides an important way to interact with Magic Leap One.



Bumper: A mechanical button on the control panel that can be pressed with the teacher's finger.

Home button: Pressing the home button will allow you to withdraw from the app until you can exit again, and if you cannot exit again, it will open Launcher. Holding the home button will reduce the immersive application.

Trigger: Analog input on the control that can be squeezed with your finger.

Touchpad: A tactile input pad on the control panel that can translate the movement and pressure of a person's finger.


How do I reboot and turn off the Control?

To reset Control, hold down the Home button until vibration resumes (about 1-2 seconds).

To close the control, hold down the trigger and the home button for 2.5 seconds.


How do I extract a link or 3D model from the browser?

To extract 3D content from the browser, move the cursor over the extractable content and hold the trigger for a long time. Release the trigger and use the remote to transfer and handle the contents. Tap the trigger to set the view. Links can also be extracted from the browser in the same way: move the cursor over a long link and hold the trigger to place the link window in the same view.

How do I close an app from Universe?

Click the bumper to open the app menu. Select close from the menu. You can also double-click the bumper.

How do I open the settings?

Open the launcher, swipe up to the status bar and select the settings icon to open the settings.

My controller doesn't seem to be responding

First, make sure the command is enabled. If you do not see light on the touchpad when you touch it, your controller may be off. If you are unable to operate the controller, the battery may be empty. Connect the control to the charger.

Refer to the light pattern around the control panel. A gray bicycle light means it wasn't a pair. Blue bike light means that it has lost connection and is trying to reconnect.

If your controller pulsates red at the top, it is in an instant state (5% or less). Connect the controller to the charger.