This is what the new Oculus QUEST browser looks like

1 min read

I know more of the first models of the Facebook browser app in virtual reality. The app is called Virtual Desktop, which is an application that allows you to stream your desktop monitor to VR, now Oculus is taking the next step in Virtual Desktop Quest Oculus.

Virtual Desktop Developer Guy Gooden released a fresh teaser today to show the functionality of the enhanced desktop monitor application, the new browser we will see launching on the 21st of the month.

Similar to the Oculus Go and Gear VR versions, the new browser version also allows users to browse virtually on their personal computer. The Oculus Quest allows you to see huge screen movies like your own private cinema, virtual office or just in a 'blank' space.

However, unlike the previous mobile versions, Virtual Desktop for Quest will undoubtedly be a more convenient experience thanks to the 360-degree tracking sensors. From a standard viewing experience, another goal is to allow users to be in virtual reality more time comfortably.

In Oculus Quest we can also play our regular computer games, we can connect to all our computers remotely and work as if we are right next to it and equally important is the ability to adjust the eye distance.

Godin has not released pricing information yet, although I have a feeling that Oculus will not raise prices, the cost currently ranges from $ 10- $ 15 depending on the platform. Goodin says more information will come in the coming weeks ahead of the launch.