THE VOID A breathtaking virtual reality experience

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Hello friends and friends, once again I am your faithful servant, larry singul, from virtual reality Israel, reviewing, explaining, shortening and updating you in real time.

This week, THE VOID, a company that physically builds a world in a huge building, is dressed in stunning computer graphics for all kinds of games the company is developing.

The players at THE VOID, feel like a different world, the game is a team game, and it's a bit like paintball combined with an in-depth experience.

THE VOID A breathtaking virtual reality experience

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Article writer: Amit Caesar, exclusive article for virtual reality site Israel.



What is this MYO bracelet?

When you enter THE VOID, you feel that you are entering another world, there is a special suit that you wear, guns and of course advanced virtual reality glasses.

It's actually a blended virtual experience, a real experience, and in the United States the place attracts a lot of visitors and you can definitely say that THE VOID is good for business.

After the great success of the company, in the United States, the company is further establishing THE VOID, around the world (brass coming to Israel).

A few days ago, the company released a video for a new game specifically built for THE VOID, a game called Ghostbusters, which is also based on the successful movie series, but Why Talk When You Can Show.

In conclusion, THE VOID, this is just the beginning, an amazing future has dawned on us and I keep updating.