Striker vr make this VR GAMES AS ASTA LA vista BABY

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Striker vr make this VR GAMES AS ASTA LA  vista BABY

Stripper vr, it's an automatic weapon for virtual space, not only do you feel like holding a real rifle in your hands, the weight and feeling you feel real, the Stripper vr also has a vibration like a real weapon.

Striker vr, is actually the first virtual-reality weapon that actually works in a precise and realistic way, the key to Edon Guraziu 's technology is to ensure a whole arsenal of realistic weapons that will give us a real sense of war in virtual reality.

The shotgun, which can be disassembled and assembled, has all the qualities of a real weapon, and the criticisms it received from the experienced warriors who tried the weapon made us feel that it was very confusing during the demo stages, and that it was almost a real weapon.

Stripper vr, contains computer components and a powerful engine so that in each shot you can feel the power and power of the shot, in order to shoot the gun, you'll also have to load the bullets into the cartridge and load the gun when you're out of the bullets.

In addition, striker vr works with all types of virtual reality technologies, including surveillance components and room scanning technologies, such as technology available on HTC VIVE, Oculus Rift, Holulans 2, quest, windows and more.

In addition , the system will also support location detection technologies such as: Valve's Lighthouse, Oculus, PlayStation's Move, htc vive and, of course, all new models where the technology is already integrated into the glasses.

As of 23/05/2020, there was a large stock in Israel, in honor of the launch of the new rifle, for sale now at surprising prices.

Written by Larry Singul of Israel 2013.

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