So what was there in Oculus Connect?

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So what was there in the oculus connect - oculus connect

Hi friends How are you :) I don't really know where to start so the article might be messy, which is sure to go over all the important things from this important conference (comparing it to Apple).

So let's start with the new ocular glasses that don't need a computer or smartphone, get to know oculus quest that was a project santa cruz until recently.

Oculus introduced Quest, the consumer version of virtual reality glasses 'The Santa Cruz Project', which the company first unveiled in 2016. Virtual reality glasses are completely self-contained, meaning they do not rely on a personal computer, but still work with position room scale technology and hand tracking that makes Oculus's new virtual reality glasses the virtual reality glasses we have been waiting for in recent years.

Even when Oculus talked about the project in 2016, it was already introducing ROOM SCALE and hands-tracking unlike the glasses of competing companies such as: Lenovo Mirage Solo or Vive Focus

The final product price when it comes out will be around $ 400 in the United States for the 64GB model, and the company plans to launch in the spring of 2019.

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