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alice game for vr:

(this is a game) and this is the plot: after the failure of your freezer compartment in the game, your artificial intelligence wakes you up to descend into a foreign star, where the spaceship was parked for fuel.

In order to return the spacecraft to its orbit, you will have to descend to the surface of the alien planet and begin to move through the various deck rooms to reach the control bridge of the spacecraft.

As you try to reach the spacecraft command room, you run into puzzles, and the most fun thing about this is the lack of gravity around you and the objects flying in the air.

When you get to the planet, all you have to do is look for a rare fuel on the planet, or go to an alien city on the planet, right at the entrance to the game city.

The suit that will put you in the game Satellite 360 will soon send photos to VR The play is actually based on the original plot by Luis Carroll, who wrote Elisa in Wonderland in 1865.

Although you're not going to see the White Rabbit in this game, you're still going to help the deceptive and inexplicable creature made entirely of gas that you met on your way to town.

Very early on, the game starts to play with your mind. Is that a dream? Is that a reality? Is that an illusion? Or are you just going to get crazy? So, uh... Yes and no. My favorite part of the game is that I don't really distinguish between reality and imagination, and the plot is mysterious to madness.

If you play the game directly and without the bonuses, the game will last between four and five hours.

In the AliceVR game, not only do you encounter robots, strange cats, and creatures that seem to be out of nightmares, you will also need to track tasks that will appear on signs, the symbol of which is the White Rabbit.

The whole game is built in such a way that you won't get lost, but still, if you want, you can go down the paths you choose, your friend, your alien supplier, your gas supplier, will try to help all the time, but your decision, and you can ignore his instructions.

If you forget something, it's always going to help you understand the direction or goal of the game.

There are very interesting puzzles in the game, with varying degrees of difficulty, from easy to difficult to choose, making the game more interesting.

The game currently exists for both Ocles Rift and HTC VIVE and is likely to reach Sony and the other models in the future.

I definitely recommend the AliceVR game, as it certainly conveys the technology of virtual reality in a very good way.

Project Alice:

project puts your audience into mixed reality experiences A full, multi-user B2B VR platform, interactive with motion capture.

"Join us as we conquer new borders Be the first pioneers of the world's top VR experiences." Virtual reality as a medium is growing fast. New innovations are being made every day in the fields of medicine, industry, education and entertainment. How can the average consumer enjoy some of the great content that the community presents? Our vision is to make premium VR experience more accessible to people.

Let your audience walk through a virtual space with plenty of room to interact with people and objects around them.

Real-time interaction between objects In the virtual environment, contact with objects in the physical world.

Hybrid tracking Our hybrid tracking system allows excellent tracking.

The Ellis Project is a realistic, virtual B2B platform that offers clients in industries such as theme parks, real estate, automotive production and education a complete virtual solution that provides complex, vast environments for learning, entertainment, corporate training, advertising and virtual showrooms.

During our journey with the Alice project, we partnered with various studios to create a variety of applications, ranging from fun astronomy education to many other fields.

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