Oculus Quest is coming to the Federal Communications or FCC for the 2019 launch

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Oculus Quest is coming to the Federal Communications or FCC for the 2019 launch

Virtual Reality Glasses Oculus Quest 2019 is coming to the federal media, and there is a growing sense of breathlessness within the virtual reality industry, the launch of the Quest Oculus. And today, mirrored reality has sprung up and gone up in the FCC lists, by all indications things are on the spring 2019 launch track.

For years, Oculus has been showing prototypes of virtual reality goggles, but today Oculus officially announced - Oculus Quest will be launched in September 2019, the new virtual reality eyewear of Oculus is actually what is called - high-end.

FCC Federal Communications in the United States is responsible for licensing products with electromagnetic emissions to make sure the product complies with regulations. Products using radio, WiFi, infrared, etc. need approval before they can be distributed for sale. Approval by the FCC marks one step closer to launching the product this summer.

While in today's documents the product name was just Quest, the chart shows what looks like virtual reality glasses The Oculus Go Model Number (MH-B) is actually an upgraded product and the proof is the serial model, by Oculus Go was Oculus Go (MH-A). So if it's not Oculus Quest, then I have no idea what this reflects.

The test reports show that virtual reality glasses have 2.4GHz & 5GHz WiFi, as well as Bluetooth. Oculus has requested approval for 5GHz WiFi, which means virtual reality glasses will have much greater bandwidth access for information streaming content.

The reports also indicate that several Quest devices were sent to a testing company as early as July 25, 2018, suggesting that Quests' final hardware components were locked, meaning that this was probably a final spec.

Apart from publicly available documentation, Facebook, like many companies, has filed a confidential request to keep the following documents solely for the FCC and not for the public eye:

Schematic diagram

block diagram

List of parts

Operational description


While the company has not revealed a more specific release date than "Spring" or September, making it appear as if virtual reality glasses are already ready for launch at F8, the company's annual conference, which will be held on April 30 and May 1, 2019. In a previous event, Facebook introduced Oculus Go, - F8 earlier this year.