oculus quest 2 here we go.

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oculus quest 2 here we go.

A recent article from the Japanese publishing group Nikkei reports that a new Facebook Oculus headset will enter development later this month.

Note: The above picture is a Facebook testing prototype previously seen called Half-Dome 2, not the alleged latest headset.

The article cites 'a source with direct knowledge' of the matter, who says that by the end of July the "new Facebook Oculus VR headset will enter mass production."

New Headset for Oculus In Production?

While we can not verify the report 's authenticity ourselves, these reports are in line with Bloomberg's earlier report that Facebook may be planning to launch this year's Oculus Quest new model. This proposed system will be more of an upgrade to the original kit than a complete Oculus Quest 2, instead. It will be more ergonomic, relaxed and offer a higher rate of refreshment. That said, due to the mounting impact of the current global pandemic, it could be postponed until 2021. We discovered a codename for a supposed new Oculus headset, Del Mar, in March.

The study further states that Facebook is looking to manufacture two million units of this new app, inspired by the original Quest 's success. Facebook has not given sales figures for the app, but the Nikkei study reports that the business has seen year-over-year growth of up to 50 per cent in this market. The article also notes that it hopes Facebook will extend its standalone section. Which certainly means that this new headset is one and the same as the rumored new Quest.

Nikkei also notes that Sony is ramping up its PS5 console production from an initial estimate of 5-6 million units to about 9 million units. Bloomberg, who initially ran a limited release article, also says the company now plans to increase production to 10 million units. The console launches this holiday season and supports the original PSVR headset.

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