Microsoft's new teaser teaser teaser probably marks the product's exposure at MWC at the end of the month

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Microsoft is gearing up for its upcoming press event at MWC on the 24th. A new video released by the company today confirms that we're going to see HoloLens 2 (or whatever) next in the event.

A short video teaser released today shows a brilliant animation of a computer chip and the silicon that creates it, as well as carbon and carbon fiber structures, the latter of which may be a clue to the weight of the headset. At the end of the video, a flashing text reads BARCELONA 02 24 19, the same date for Microsoft's upcoming MWC 2019 press event later this month.

While the video itself yields very little useful information, the fact that it was posted on YouTube by none other than HoloLens visionary Alex Kipman actually says it all. Kipman was central to the project, and he introduced the world to the original Holulans in 2015; He confirmed speaking at the upcoming press event.

The ad was not just meant to tease out, this is an existing product that has finished developing, recent reports that Microsoft's press event is expected to reveal HoloLens 2 which will be much easier to buy from the original HoloLens that has been out of stock for months. I wouldn't be surprised if we see a few more such videos in the days leading up to the company's MWC event.