In the famous Oculus Job Posts, Facebook enters AR

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As first reported by PocketGamer, Facebook is posting some new posts to its subsidiary Oculus, laced with an idea for Facebook Layered Reality Glasses AR.

We've known for a while that the company makes AR glasses behind closed doors - AR Ficus Kirkpatrick told TechCrunch late last year that the direction is clear.

Facebook has released requirements for the position of head of marketing in the AR / VR division of the company . "

The Business Insider reported in January that the company has moved hundreds of employees from its experimental lab to a new division-focused lab to create new AR glasses. The move was approved by Facebook rep Tera Randall, though without exact details. Another source claims it was about 650 employees and another source told Insider it was 400.

Randall also told Insider that by effectively transferring employees "they could try the product within the research organization, but we are close to a final product.

A Business Insider report claimed that the glasses are scheduled to be released as early as 2020, but have since been rejected by some Facebook representatives since 2022. This is still controversial, though the company has a "neat roadmap for all the products they market."

There are over a dozen currently available jobs in the realm of Facebook and Oculus, and in a few days Facebook will increase the company's existing offering on Spark AR Studio, a tool that allows creators to build interactive AR experiences for Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp no longer argue for the rise graph Of the realm of stratified reality in the world.

"We're building hardware products. We're moving forward on that ... We want to see these glasses come into reality, and I think we need to lead our part in helping bring the technology there."

"Augmented reality will fundamentally change our lives like personal computers and smartphones. AR goggles will allow you to transcend space, bring objects and devices into existence and enhance your senses, memory and cognition. Our mission is to focus on technology design and access technology to the outside world. We are looking for motivation, an experienced team, designers who want to change the world, who are able to thrive in a vague new design space. Join our design team who are inventing the future of augmented reality and helping to define wearable AR experiences for Facebook. "