Franchise for another virtual reality store

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To be a franchisee of virtual reality Israel

Franchise for another CaesarVR store in the world, I actually give the investor the opportunity to enter the field before the big break in 2020, requires an investor who loves the virtual and laminated realm, today there is already another virtual reality store in Israel, so I only allow one investor to shop Additional (all details in the meeting), if relevant.

our vision:

Establishing our store brand virtual reality Israel for the entire country

Teach the public in Israel about the field by writing articles and troubleshooting in Hebrew

Distribute the technology for use in everyday life

The ambition - to open branches all over the country right now we are already starting to operate overseas.

Why Buy a Virtual Reality Franchise Israel:

• Young environment - Suitable for young franchisees.

• Full training - The franchisee and employees undergo full training at the main branch.

• Detection Assistance - Conductor location, establishment and advice throughout all stages

• Close and personal accompaniment - of virtual reality Israel and Mr. Amit Caesar in person

• Marketing and Advertising - Virtual Reality Israel takes care of advertising and marketing 24 \ 7 in all regions of the country on all media, pay and phones will be provided from incoming customers who want service in the shop area, we will provide lab services and we provide support and service, all the additional branch needs to do is first of all service, service , Service and sell virtual reality and hardware solutions.

The steps to opening a branch of virtual reality Israel

• Appointment of a meeting (there is a symbolic cost of meeting due to the rush)

• Home financing

• Signing a franchise agreement

• Locating a branch location

• Planning and construction

• Training in the main branch

• Recruiting and training employees

• Opening the branch with a close escort

Try your luck and get in touch (since this is just one new store, we will endeavor to return to everyone)

Applications for the franchise should be submitted to CaesarVR2013 Fellow by email at or by calling 972 + 09-8320-333