Establishing games for virtual reality, integrated reality and layered reality

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Invite us to set up a complex for you from a wide range of options.

Virtual Reality Israel Specialists in the Establishment of Gaming in 2013 and we guarantee that your games will also be unique and not just a room with virtual reality glasses, combined with virtual reality technologies in your complex and with the close supervision of a virtual reality expert and the most professional and veteran in Israel.

Virtual Reality Israel Over 6 years experience, our customer service human, courteous and professional, Virtual Reality Israel has extensive experience in the construction of complexes, from a festive birthday to a huge production.

Establishing virtual reality complexes, you have come to the right place. Here you will find the best virtual reality technologies for complexes for all ages and every occasion. We in virtual reality Israel have done dozens of projects. Especially for this purpose we have built for you a suite of ideas from experience of virtual reality that will make you the business.

Imaginary / stratified reality glasses is the future and endless space of the human race, it is a world of magic and experience. You can travel around the world, play games, visit an amusement park or a circus that has all the facilities, the most fun and scary in the world.

Virtual Reality evokes the same sensations and emotions as we experience it in our real world and we in virtual reality Israel are active for over six years in virtual reality and over 15 years in computing and high-tech.

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