Treatment of sleep disorders by virtual reality

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Article writer larry singol:

Meet Inter-Dream - Inter-Dream Virtual Reality for Treating Sleep Problems, a new virtual reality system developed by researchers and artists to help people suffering from sleep problems and also working on the mind for restful sleep.

The Inter-Dream system can read each cerebral frequency and display it in a different color to the intensity of motion-related brainwaves, each person has unique brain activity and by using the Inter-Dream Inter-Dream you can see a clear picture of the brain.

Nathan Smartartzidis, a researcher at the RMIT University Training Games Laboratory, says that treating sleep problems with a highly effective virtual reality calms the nervous system before bedtime. "Our findings show the opposite result and show how virtual reality can also help with relaxation and relaxation." Physiological and psychological data analysis along with user interviews were recently presented at the International Human-Computer Interaction Conference, CHI 2019.

"By treating sleep problems with virtual reality, we were able to see statistically clear reductions in cognitive awakening and negative emotion," says Smartzdis. "EEG readings also indicated restorative rest and clear mind.

Participants reported a 21 percent decrease in overall negative emotion and a 55 percent reduction in fear feelings after using interdependent sleep-related sleep problems also affected general positive emotions by eight percent and calm feelings by 13 percent.

Recognizing that good sleep is the key to healthy living and specific moods, as well as physiological changes, says Semertzidis, "The good sleepers are usually calmer and more positive, while the sleepy ones are more likely to focus on stresses and stress and this happens because of involuntary repetition of last-day events." Says Smartzdis, "It makes sense that having an impact on these cognitive moods can help us ease our rest.

Smartzdis also says that people not only passively relax from the experience, "some have reported a journey through system manipulation in their minds," he says. "It's not a concept, a clear connection, to causing positive sleep before sleep has a strong connection to positive effects on emotion and affect. . " Which is why it is so important to deal with sleep problems by virtual reality.

Treating sleep problems with virtual reality puts the human body at the center and allows the human body to see not only as input, to experience their bodies as a game, "Muller said." For me, this is the beginning of allowing a more gaming future where we can even experience rest and eventually sleep as a kind of Playing (digital), it will be fascinating to explore what such a future can look like and we are always looking for PhD candidates who want to explore it. "

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