Apple virtual reality goggles will reach the consumer in the 2020 Apple AR smartphones

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Like gas on an open flame, rumors and whispers have flared in recent months around hopes of an improved reality for Apple. But amid all the false leads and unfounded chatter, we finally have a reliable report that Apple AR smartphones are actually under development.

Less than a week after CEO Tim Cook announced that AR "is about to change everything," Bloomberg reporter Mark Gorman (a common source of early and credible Apple information) is now reporting, from anonymous sources, that the company will have AR laminated reality glasses - 2019, with the official launch sometime in 2020.

The source that revealed the information also revealed that the device will run a separate version of Apple's operating system, similar to how desktops and laptops, laptops, converters and watches use separate versions of Apple's operating system.

In recent years, Apple has established a team of tech and entertainment industry veterans, with resumes that include working with HoloLens, Meta, Oculus, NASA, among others, to work on the company's efforts in the AR field. Incidentally, Apple has also acquired a number of startups to contribute to these developments, including Playby Media, whose technology has contributed to the Arkit platform.

Why does it take Apple so long? Given Apple's track record of giving first place in terms of market speed in favor of "the best there" in terms of quality, we should expect Apple to take the time to do it right.

This is not to say that Apple has not made progress, as the company has also filed several patents for AR hardware. Other reports refer to prototypes that are in the test phase.

Experts claim that technology is simply not there yet in terms of size of components, comfort of the glasses, and quality of the overall price-experience.

"I think people agree that this is inevitable, and at some point we will all be very immersive in AR and VR experiences, and it will be available on a huge scale, but in our opinion, there are significant technological hurdles, especially when it comes to a great AR and hardware technology experience that must be overcome." , Said Eric Kim, manager of Ericsson Ventures, in a previous interview for the next reality.