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will tinder developing dating Tinder Verse ?

Tinder's CEO Renate Nyborg said in an interview at the Reuters Next conference that the company is looking into blurring the lines between the offline and online worlds.

The CEO of Match Group Inc's Match Group Inc's Match Group Inc's Match Group Inc's Match Group Inc' (MTCH.O) The dating app mentioned the company's newly launched Explore feature. At interactive events like "Swipe Nights," users can choose their own adventures and match with others based on their choices.

The company is testing in-app currency that daters will use to pay for premium services and receive it as rewards for good behavior on the app; she said.

The company is also working on the next step in metaverse dating, but this is a top-secret project, according to sources who preferred to remain anonymous for the time being.

"From a Tinder perspective, we've been talking about a Tinderverse internally, which is more about blurring the boundaries between offline and online," Nyborg said when asked about the company's plans for dating in the metaverse.

The term "metaverse" refers to a collection of shared virtual spaces that people can access through a variety of devices and navigate through digital environments. Virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) may be used in these spaces (AR)

One of the many tech companies betting on metaverse technologies is Facebook, which recently changed its name to Meta Platforms Inc (FB.O)

a dating app Bumble stated on its November earnings call it is prepared for "whatever emerges in the metaverse."

Tinder, according to Renate Nyborg, is still focused on helping people meet in person.

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