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What Is Somnium Space VR, and How Does It Work?

Somnium Space is a blockchain based virtual reality (VR) environment. Somnium Space is an open source platform that allows users to purchase digital land, homes, buildings, and a variety of in game goods in its online universe. Somnium Space's immersive dynamics allow players to create, script, and commercialize worlds while also exploring the works of other players.

While a user can go swimming, visit a museum, or eat at a restaurant created by another Somnium Space user, the extent to which Somnium Space users can create unique experiences, worlds, and assets is practically endless. Unlike standard multiplayer VR games, which separate users into sub servers and mirrored-instanced rooms, Somnium Space brings everyone together in one massive universe.

Users may develop Somnium Space habitats that are completely programmable, customized, and autonomous VR experiences inside that larger VR world. The Somnium Space's non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and assets are interoperable with VR metaverses and platforms across the blockchain ecosystem. Somnium Space currently has four components: an SDK for developing and customizing avatars and property; virtual reality experiences; a builder module for designing environments and structures; and an NFT marketplace for selling land and NFT-based goods. Someone has thoroughly integrated NFT technology into Somnium Space, allowing players to bring NFTs from all across the decentralized ecosystem into the Somnium Space cosmos.

What is Somnium Space Tokenomics and how does Somnium Space's Cube work?

Users produce value that flows to the game creator on traditional gaming platforms. Players may either buy games or employ the popular freemium model, in which they play for free but pay for upgrades, customizations, and a la carte access later on in the game's ecosystem. In most cases, players cannot transfer or use in-game assets outside of a gaming setting. If a player spends to improve their armor, unlock a new vehicle, or get access to new planets, for example, that value locked in the game.

You won't be able to use your armor in your favorite basketball video game, and you won't be able to access the asset's worth outside of the platform where you bought it. Blockchain-based games and virtual reality metaverses like Somnium Space use tokenization to reverse the flow of value to benefit players. Somnium Space is an Ethereum software that allows users to tokenize in game assets, including land parcels, avatars, collectibles, and wearables. This dynamic separates the Somnium Space firm from the value created by players, allowing players to tap into the value created in the metaverse throughout the crypto and token ecosystem.

What is Somnium Cube and avatar?

(for short, CUBE) is an ERC-20 token that acts as the native utility token for the Somnium Space platform. The CUBE cryptocurrency simplifies in-game transactions between players and might be to purchasing arcade game tokens. Players can store ETH, CUBE, and NFTs in an Ethereum wallet. CUBE acts as a link between these objects, allowing in-game ecommerce transactions to take place. The CUBE token will gain in-world usefulness as the Somnium metaverse grows, allowing gamers to immerse themselves more fully in the VR metaverse.
In 2022, the Somnium Space team took another step towards expanding the utility of the CUBE token by introducing avatar tokenization. Players can now mint their own full-body VR avatars onto the blockchain using CUBE. To take part, players purchase an avatar using CUBE and it becomes part of their inventory.

What is Somnium blockchain?

As technology advances, VR gaming continues to increase in popularity, allowing for really immersive experiences, everything from remote social contact with business meetings. Meanwhile, the phenomenal expansion of Ethereum based metaverses such as Somnium Space has built on the long history of enormous multiplayer ecosystems by unleashing value in ways never previously imaginable.

Somnium soace Ethereum metaverses use blockchain technology to enable users to monetise their VR experiences and to empower them to build a world in which they are the primary creators and consumers of value. While the gaming on Somnium Space is virtual, it intends to establish an economy that transcends the real world's limits, in keeping with the decentralization spirit.

article by Amit Caesar:

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