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Rec Room x Mattel: Dress Up as Barbie and Ken

Rec Room, the popular multiplayer gaming platform, has announced an exciting partnership with Mattel to introduce Barbie and Ken outfits for players across all platforms. With the release of these iconic costumes, players can now dress up as their favorite fashion dolls and immerse themselves in a world of creativity and fun. This collaboration comes at a perfect time, following the massive success of the recent Barbie movie starring Margot Robbie, which earned a staggering $356 million worldwide during its debut weekend.

Barbie Fashion Galore in Rec Room:
Rec Room enthusiasts can now adorn their avatars with stylish Barbie accessories, including the classic cowboy hat, chic vest, and trendy belt. The game developers revealed that these Barbie items will be available for purchase using in-game tokens, with prices ranging from 1,000 to 6,000 tokens. This exciting addition is sure to delight players of all ages and enhance the virtual experience within Rec Room's immersive gaming environment.

Rec Room: A Versatile Multiplatform Gaming Experience:
One of the highlights of Rec Room is its wide accessibility, being a free-to-download game available on numerous devices. Players can enjoy the game on Android, iOS, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Steam, Oculus Quest, PC via Steam, and Pico. This cross-platform capability allows friends from different devices to connect and play together seamlessly, fostering a diverse and inclusive gaming community.

Furthermore, Rec Room is continually expanding its horizons and is also slated to arrive on the highly anticipated Apple Vision Pro headset. This upcoming integration promises an enhanced and visually stunning gaming experience for Apple users, further cementing Rec Room's position as a leader in the virtual reality space.

Reviving Junior Accounts on Meta Quest:
Recently, Rec Room made a significant decision in response to the changes in Meta Quest's policies regarding age restrictions. As Meta Quest began inviting users aged 10-13 into the virtual reality realm, Rec Room confirmed that it would reintroduce Junior Accounts. These Junior Accounts cater specifically to younger players, providing them with a safe and age-appropriate environment to interact and enjoy the game.

The collaboration between Rec Room and Mattel has sparked excitement among players worldwide as they can now embrace the beloved Barbie and Ken personas within the virtual realm. With the recent blockbuster success of the Barbie movie, this partnership comes at a perfect time to captivate players' imaginations and creativity. Whether dressing up for virtual adventures or connecting with friends across different platforms, Rec Room continues to impress with its versatility and commitment to delivering an engaging and inclusive gaming experience. As the platform prepares to expand to the Apple Vision Pro headset, the future looks promising for Rec Room and its dedicated community of players.

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