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My rage against Facebook and the internet giants part 1

Hi my name is Amit Caesar for those who do not know yet, I am in virtual reality and augmented since 2013, but living in virtual reality from the eighties. As a person living in a two-dimensional, three-dimensional virtual world, dimensional internet, artificial intelligence and virtual reality, I am still amazed at the power that the giant companies have accumulated. Companies ' like Facebook, Google, Apple, Amazon and more have taken over the world for us, for example: Facebook controls Instagram, WhatsApp and Oculus. It is an enormous force that has inexhaustible databases and artificial intelligence on their side.

A few months ago we were in negotiations with a Facebook company to open a Facebook store in Israel, but we gave up on the idea, I am not ready to be part of the new control mechanism for humanity so I got off topic and I really hope we see more virtual reality glasses companies and bigger competition from more democratic companies.
Facebook today for me is a system for manipulating mass thoughts. There is no truth, everything is manipulation, every person sees what he wants to see, there is no one reality. People who work in internet marketing know very well the power of social networking, manipulations and lies, all to sell us things that we do not need and that we think is the reality.

Reality today is more virtual and more and more parallel worlds of the world are being created, both in the world of virtual reality and in the world of virtual reality that we are building today by computers.
For those who do not know, Facebook and Mr. Zuckerberg do not have enough to know everything about our thoughts, they want to put us in the space under their supervision also in motion, the way of looking and analyzing every one of us so it is very important for them to follow us in virtual reality technology.

It is actually a complete control over the body and mind of humans, already today Facebook can freeze or lock your account without trial and without law and without justice, for those who do not know, that Facebook blocks your account, it also blocks all business activities, so if And you blocked because you said something on the public profile and Facebook blocked you, they also treated your business as a punishment, does that make sense? Same thing with Amazon, eBay, Google, YouTube and more, full control when the big companies take on the role of cop and judge for themselves, it's scary to think that whoever rules the world today is bots of giant companies and corrupt politicians.
Today, giant companies are stronger than countries, the process is clear, unfortunately the process is only speeding up towards technological singularity.
Coming soon.