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Written and edited by Amit caesar

You can now play Rift on Minecraft Windows 10 Version Beta! Discover Minecraft's endless possibilities in virtual reality. Explore, create, and share with millions of other players around the world your creations in an immersive alternative way.


Plus, with this launch, on Rift, Gear VR, iOS, Android, and Windows 10 computers, you and your friends can explore Minecraft cross-platform. You can download and upgrade Minecraft for Rift from the Oculus Store to the complete version of the game for $9.99. For all current Minecraft Windows 10 Edition Beta members, it is also available as a free update.

In VR, the world of Minecraft comes into being. This update completely featured, with controls for an intuitive VR experience explicitly optimized. For a more relaxed alternative, be sure to take advantage of the awe-inspiring, completely immersive first-person mode, and a theater view. And with features like Realms, in your own permanent Minecraft world that's always available, you can build and adventure with a group of friends or family.

To bring Minecraft to VR, the developers at Mojang and Microsoft worked closely with us. Here's a brief look at what was going to make the game an unforgettable VR experience.

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We believe Minecraft on Rift is a strong VR experience that will be even better later this year when Touch support added for free. With a new perspective on this sandbox game, we can't wait to see what players do.