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Future of Medicine $2.3 million investment in VR/AR

Precision OS, a Vancouver Canada-based company, has created virtual reality simulation software, announcing it has raised another $2.3 million in funding for the Series B. The fundraising round led by Davos, Switzerland-based AO Invest, which includes other unknown investors.

The exact operating system in virtual reality glasses enables surgeons to perform orthopedic medical procedures in virtual reality and laminated reality, providing metric feedback to help practitioners improve their techniques. The program itself focuses on providing educational modules and pre-operative planning for physician practice.

The company was founded by medical, gaming and software professionals, Colin O'Connor (CTO) and Roberto Olivera (CCO), practicing orthopedic surgeons and thanks to Dr. Danny P. Goel (CEO). Dr. Goel is an expert shoulder surgeon, consultant and clinical associate professor at the University of British Columbia, Department of Orthopedic Surgery.

Precision OS technology works to create a virtual language capable of adding depth of understanding that simply cannot achieved using existing simulation tools. Adopting simulated and laminated reality as a way of improving decision making is directly relevant to patients and value-based care, says Dr. Goel.

The ability of virtual reality laminated to offer a safe environment to make mistakes is extremely valuable in providing building blocks to surgeons, Dr. Guel adds. "It allows surgeons to practice, improve their decision-making and, importantly, fail. Which offers great value to our surgeons - and ultimately to our patients. "

Precision OS aims to further develop its preoperative planning tools to enable surgeons to upload images of a patient-specific software anatomy prior to surgery, giving them a more accurate idea of what will come during the physical process.

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