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2022's best Virtual Reality games

In 2022, we can expect a slew of new games, as both newcomers and established names in VR development prepare to release improved VR experiences. We've compiled a list of our top most expected games set to release in 2022. Starting in January and ending with a rash of titles with the ever-nebulous 'coming in 2022' release window, we've sorted games by their confirmed release dates.

Coming in 2022

GTA: San Andreas–coming to Quest 2

Hitman 3 for PC VR–coming to SteamVR

Among Us–coming to SteamVR, Quest, PSVR

LOW-FI (currently in alpha) – coming to SteamVR

Vertigo 2

  • Platform: SteamVR
  • Developer: Zulubo Productions
  • Release date: 2022

Vertigo 2 is a single-player virtual reality adventure. As you descend to complete your journey home, explore the depths of the massive Quantum Reactor.


  • Platform: “major VR platforms”
  • Developer: Resolution Games
  • Release date: 2022

Ultimechs is a multiplayer VR gaming experience from Resolution Games that will be released next year on major VR platforms. Ultimechs welcomes players into the sport of the future to compete for victory as the thrill of professional athletics meets the precision of purpose-built machines. You're doomed if you lack the speed, precision, and rocketry required to defeat your opponents.

Cosmonious High

  • Platform: SteamVR, Quest
  • Developer: Owlchemy Labs
  • Release date: 2022

'Welcome to Cosmonious High, new kid!' says the studio. With their trademark interactivity and distinctive humor, Owlchemy Labs create an out-of-this-world VR experience. To save Cosmonious High from chaos, meet a colorful cast, adapt outrageous alien powers, and discover the source of the school's malfunctions.

Nerf Ultimate Championship

  • Platform: Quest 2
  • Developer: Secret Location
  • Release date: 2022

NERF Ultimate Championship is a competitive multiplayer game that transforms NERF battles into a thrilling competition that can only be experienced in virtual reality. As you leap around fantastic arenas in intense 4v4 team matches, arm yourself with a variety of new and classic blasters. As you begin your quest to become the Ultimate NERF Champion, soak up the sound of roaring fans while honing your skills.

Samurai Slaughter House

  • Platform: SteamVR, Quest 2, PSVR
  • Developer: Tab Games
  • Release date: 2022

VR-only physics-based combat game, according to the studio. In a vast physics-based sandbox, use stealth and creativity or brute force to defeat your opponents. While exploring a large metroidvania-style open world, battle both humans and demons. Collect items to improve your character's abilities. Interact with NPCs and explore towns.

Little Cities

  • Platform: Quest
  • Developer: nDreams
  • Release date: 2022

Prepare to be transported to the charming world of Little Cities, the cozy VR city-building game. Begin by building a simple road, then carefully placing your residential, commercial, or industrial zones, and then watching the citizens move in! However, the only way to help your cities grow is to keep them happy.


  • Platform: SteamVR, PSVR
  • Developer: M Theory, Oddboy
  • Release date: January 28th, 2022

Wanderer has a unique blend of escape room style puzzles, tactile hands on interactions, and action arcade sequences to bring you the ultimate time travel adventure, built from the ground up for VR. Are you prepared to follow in the footsteps of your forefathers and mothers?

Ultrawings 2

  • Platform: SteamVR, Quest
  • Developer: Bit Planet Games
  • Release date: February 2022

Pilot, welcome back to Ultrawings! In this made-for-VR, aerial-themed, action-adventure game, take to the skies with your virtual hands (or HOTAS and gamepad) to fly 5 unique aircraft while completing a diverse set of engaging, hand-crafted missions across an island-themed world!

Zenith: The Last City

  • Platform: SteamVR, Quest 2, PSVR
  • Developer: Ramen VR
  • Release date: Early 2022

Fight, craft, explore, and lose yourself in a massively multiplayer world built for virtual reality. In guilds and parties form alliances and friendships. Take part in epic raids and global events, and forge your own path. What will you do with your newfound power?

Cities VR

  • Platform: Quest 2
  • Developer: Fast Travel Games
  • Release date: Spring 2022

Be the mayor in Cities: VR, the ultimate virtual reality city-building and management simulator. Design neighborhoods, build buildings, and manage traffic – all while juggling economics, emergency services, and other responsibilities. Look inside this virtual reality adaptation of the popular city-building game cities: Skylines.

Moss: Book II

  • Platform: PSVR
  • Developer: Polyarc
  • Release date: Spring 2022

Quill's journey will be difficult—filled with triumph and heartbreak alike—as she works to save the world from a great unmaking, lined with dangerous terrain, challenging puzzles, and enemies twisted in fire and steel. But new allies, old friends, and the very nature of the castle itself can help as she works to save the world from a great unmaking.

The Last Clockwinder

  • Platform: SteamVR, Quest 2
  • Developer: Pontoco
  • Release date: Summer 2022

In a cozy sci-fi world, you can build contraptions out of your own clones in this VR game.

Propagation: Paradise Hotel

  • Platform: SteamVR
  • Developer: WanadevStudio
  • Release date: Late 2022

Explore dark environments, have terrifying encounters, and get your adrenaline pumping in this intense VR survival horror adventure with gripping storytelling. Will you be able to escape the Paradise Hotel alive?

Ziggy’s Cosmic Adventures

  • Platform: SteamVR, Quest 2
  • Developer: Stardust Collective
  • Release date: Late 2022

ZIGGY'S COSMIC ADVENTURES is a fully immersive cockpit VR game set in a stunning universe, according to the studio. Fight your way through the solar system in intense arcade combat, navigate through perilous space environments, and experience the rush of frantically trying to keep your ship's systems up to date.

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