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These $349 Smart Glasses Give You 'AI Superpowers

Remember that sci-fi scene where Tony Stark effortlessly accesses information with a flick of his eye? Brilliant Labs wants to make that a reality with their new Frame glasses. For just $349, you can ditch your phone and gain "AI superpowers" right in front of your eyes.

Think instant language translations, real-time web searches, and even nutritional analysis of your lunch, all displayed as an overlay on your lenses.But Frame isn't your average pair of smart glasses. This open-source marvel lets you tinker and hack, unlike its closed-off competitors.

Imagine identifying a landmark simply by looking at it, finding the perfect pair of sneakers you spotted on the street, or even getting recipe suggestions for that mystery ingredient in your fridge – all with a voice command.However, keep in mind that Frame's "superpowers" come with limitations. The field of view is quite small, meaning you'll see information in a box-like overlay, not seamlessly integrated into your surroundings. Battery life and camera resolution are also on the modest side.And here's the cherry on top: the charging dock! It magnetically attaches to the glasses, giving them a comical "nose" appearance.

Whether you find it quirky or just plain silly, it's definitely a conversation starter.Frame might not be perfect, but it's a bold step towards democratizing smart glasses. With its open-source platform and "hackable" nature, it empowers tinkerers and developers to push the boundaries of what's possible. And hey, who wouldn't want a pair of glasses with AI superpowers (and a funny nose) for just $349? Just remember, you might need to squint a bit to see the full picture.