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Amazon now sells the Oculus Quest Cybershoes.

Cybershoes, the VR locomotion peripheral, was successfully funded on Kickstarter late last year and has been available directly from the creators for a few months now. However, Cybershoes for Quest is now available through Amazon US, and a few dollars has reduced the price.

Virtual reality users can use Cybershoes to move around in an unusual way. Instead of using stick-based locomotion, teleportation, or standing up and sliding around a VR treadmill's slick parabolic base, Cybershoes provides a seated experience that requires the user to slide a pair of shoe-mounted devices forward and backward to simulate walking or running in-game. The idea is to provide you with a physical interface for entering virtual locomotion, which will help you avoid motion sickness. It's an unusual concept, but it works.

Cyber shoes for purchase on Amazon

The Vienna-based company's latest Cybershoes wireless model, which supports Oculus Quest, Quest 2, and Steam VR headsets, is now available for $350 on Amazon US. The entire package costs $455 if purchased directly from Cybershoes.

A pair of Cybershoes (batteries included), a swivel-style Cyber chair, a 60-inch round carpet, a wireless receiver, an AC adapter, and all necessary cables are included in the box. Of course, they do not include a VR headset in the package.

Cyber shoes for purchase on Amazon

Cybershoes for Quest currently only supports a few native Quest games, including Arizona Sunshine, The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners, MYST, In Death Unchained, The Wizards Dark Times, VR Chat, Journey of the Gods, and a few others.

Other titles, including Ancient Dungeon, RTCW Quest, a VR mod of the classic Return To Castle Wolfenstein, and Quest Z Doom, a mod that brings classic Doom games like Ultimate Doom and Doom64 to Quest, will have full integration and optimization soon, according to the company.

The device is also said to support Steam VR, which is said to support 60+ PC VR games. 

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Cyber shoes for purchase on Amazon