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Waterpark now has new aquatic VR experiences:

Ballast VR, a pioneer in aquatic virtual reality experiences for waterparks, has announced the launch of the new VRSlide and DIVR experiences at Kokpunkten Actionbad Waterpark. In 2018, Kokpunkten was the first waterpark to use the DIVR system.

“Three years ago, we formed a strong partnership with Ballast VR, and we became Europe's first destination to offer DIVR. This technology, along with VRSlide, their VR waterslide experience, is now available to our guests,” says Johan Björkman, General Manager at Kokpunkten.
“The content quality has left a lasting impression on us. It's a realistic and immersive experience that makes visitors eager to try more. We are excited to see how Virtual Reality and Ballast VR develop in the future. Our new waterpark's offering, VRSlide. When we reach full capacity again, we are very optimistic about the potential of this new guest experience.”

Virtual reality experiences in the water The VRSlide synchronizes a real-life waterslide experience with virtual reality visuals using sensors and advanced software. For a smooth visitor flow, each installation has 25 VR headsets, and guests can ride with or without the VR element. Most parks charge between $2.50 and $3.00 for the VR experience, with all-day/all-ride packages available.
Meanwhile, by donning a DIVR headset, visitors can virtually explore underwater scenes alongside stunning sea life from the comfort and safety of a resort pool.

Ballast VR by DIVR There are currently four active VR Slide sites, with monthly usage ranging from 4,000 to 14,000 per slide. VR Slides have brought in more than $1.3 million in park revenue since 2018.
Visitors to Kokpunkten Actionbad can choose from three VR Slide experiences: Snow Dragon, in which they navigate a snowy castle guarded by a dragon in search of a hidden treasure trove; Space Aliens, a fun intergalactic adventure; and Sky Temple, in which they discover a floating land with mythical animals, hot air balloons, and temple ruins.

“One of the silver linings of 2020 was that Ballast could focus a lot of time and resources on enhancing its content development process,” says Atlas Roufas, Ballast's Chief Content Officer. We're still at the forefront of the world's unique combination of physical and virtual reality experiences. The heightened visual worlds that we have created at Kokpunkten Actionbad are a proud result of this development, and they will stun guests.”

Both the VRSlide and DIVR headsets are easy to disinfect after use, making these attractions ideal for social distancing. Locations that have reopened have proven to be just as popular as they were before COVID-19 broke out.

Ballast VR expanded its partnership with Welk Resorts earlier this year, allowing the DIVR underwater virtual reality experience to be offered at Welk's Breckenridge vacation resort.