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Virtual Reality Goggles in Everything to Know.

What are virtual reality glasses? What is the difference between virtual reality and layered reality? Do all virtual reality products need a smartphone? What is the cost of virtual reality glasses? What are the best virtual reality products? How do I produce virtual reality games or 360 videos?

Over the past few weeks, Bang has made virtual reality glasses in the world, the market has expanded significantly and the discourse around virtual reality glasses, reality mix and laminated reality.

What started in Palmer's garage and continued on Google's Google Cardboard (OTC) google cardboard goggles also came to advanced 360 cameras, working in the field speak for themselves, technology and technology options seem to have developed faster than most people's understanding of the subject.

In this article, we will cover all the things you need to know about the rules, in order to understand the field and the many options it has at our disposal. Beyond this article, we publish many articles and articles to help you stay up to date, both on our Facebook page and our news page.

What is virtual reality?

The concept of virtual reality has thrown into the air lately, and its use is often inaccurate. The definition of virtual reality is a concept that refers to a device capable of producing an entire computerized world around you.

This is in contrast to stratified reality, here it is about adding layers to your physical world, like in Pokemon Go for example. There are devices capable of combining the two. By 2020 there will be a lot of models of laminated reality glasses.

How does virtual reality technology work?

Our brain processes messages that are received from the poor - and with visual cues and minor differences between the image that each eye sends, we get an effect that produces a three-dimensional world. In order to create a computerized world that feels real and tangible to you, virtual reality devices need to plant "clues" in our brain as if it is "reality."

Good virtual reality glasses, using a combination of different angled lenses for each eye, creating a smart screen split to create a "real" 3D effect. Thanks to technologies that are advancing rapidly and increasing the quality of small screens (back to LCD screens), there is also the mock reality issue for smartphones that are almost extinct, right now 29/07/19.

Rise of VR goggles, AR, MR

About seven years ago, a lovable teenager named Palmer Luckey, who in the future will realize that he is really very lucky, started building virtual reality glasses in his dad's garage, Palmer would dream and play, he dreamed of virtual reality games and an endless virtual world, and that was enough for him. He already exhausted, so he went to sleep. (Cynically) So it's not! He told himself if I built it they will come, so he did what every child in our day knows already to do, which is not to go to the bank. He raised his glasses to a crowdfunding site called Oculus. (A window, a skylight, and a few other interpretations, including the eye of God, perhaps because at the beginning, the icon of Oculus was such an eye.

After the crowdfunding campaign at Head Start, Palmer Lucky succeeded well beyond raising $2 million and it was much more than he asked for, on social networks and media, the voice of over nine thousand contributors to the successful campaign and rumor has also found its way into the offices of all the big companies Facing the market, in fact the impressive comeback of virtual reality glasses starting in 2012, it is certainly possible to get Lucky's credit.

Lucky's virtual reality glasses purchased shortly after the successful $2 billion raise for Facebook.

The glasses that Facebook has launched were the ukulele DK1 oculus DK2 models for developer versions rather than the regular consumer.

The model that came out next was for the home consumer oculus cv1 virtual reality glasses that connect to gaming and aimed primarily at serious gamers).

Google continued the virtual reality celebration, marketing its cardboard goggles that have transformed every smartphone into a device that produces a kind of virtual reality and since those simple glasses have already made dozens of different products on the market capable of giving a basic virtual reality experience.

What questions should you ask before buying virtual reality?

Buying virtual reality glasses for a regular person can be a pretty confusing business. What models are there? What are the prices? What are the Differences Between Virtual Reality Glasses and Virtual Reality Glasses for the Different Consoles There are many more questions that are important to ask Hefani who buy virtual reality glasses?

More families of virtual reality

Nowadays, when you hear about virtual reality, you automatically link to the use of most smartphones and games at the Google Cardboard apps level, but that is far from reality and is slowly realizing what virtual reality really is.

Virtual reality at the highest level At this moment, 21/05/19, you can usually find virtual reality rooms scattered throughout the country.

Virtual reality products, like oculus Rift, connect to a computer or game console and significantly enhance your gaming experience. You can even find virtual reality glasses, which are themselves a complete console that already has a screen and a computer inside the glasses.

We can divide virtual reality glasses into several groups:

Virtual Reality Glasses Analog or Digital for Smartphone, Digital Virtual Reality Glasses for Console. Virtual reality goggles such as - HTC VIVE and Oculus S show the climax of the combination of the realms and it also includes control controllers that put your hands into the story - which further opens you to the virtual world.

360 degree photography

Alongside the rise of popularity of virtual reality glasses, the need conveniently create private content capable of using this platform has increased. 360 cameras have marketed with amazing 4K and even 8K qualities, these cameras capture and record, with the aid of a peripheral photograph, everything going on around them.

Watching videos later in virtual reality can accurately reproduced from incomparable events. Using 360 cameras is simple, and these videos for private and commercial needs are huge.

Why is another lotus joystick recommended for virtual reality glasses?

You don't have to be great gamers to understand the game options that open up to you when you integrated into the occasional virtual reality with both joysticks and guns and swords. They have released many games to use the joystick to enjoy them. Although there are some virtual reality glasses that come with a touch screen on the side, there is still no better turnover than a joystick.

Choosing the joystick can be problematic, especially for people who don't play a lot or don't know the field of gaming equipment. On the one hand, most of the signs and controllers will have the same options and will often look quite similar, and the price range is very large.

The first thing to make sure is that we connect the remote via Bluetooth or another wireless connection, wires can cope and get very disturbed, especially for virtual reality games. Beyond that, it's important to check with which virtual reality glasses, console or smartphones the joystick connects to, a joystick that doesn't fit your product can work disappointingly or not at all.

Why do you want virtual reality glasses?

This is the first question that will help you decide which glasses will work best for you. Do you want to play with your smartphone, an existing game console, a personal computer, or purchase a complete stand-alone system?

Setting the usage for the glasses you want can significantly reduce the selection and price range.

Of course, people who use virtual reality goggles for top-notch games need glasses capable of producing the mock illusion of the world better.

For beginners and advanced players, we recommend it you purchase a compatible joystick besides the virtual reality glasses kit, or at least make sure glasses can connect to the joystick in the future.

What amount do you want to spend?

Of course, the amount of money you spend on virtual reality glasses depends entirely on your personal budget, but fortunately you can find virtual reality glasses at the right prices for each pocket.

When planning a budget to buy virtual reality glasses, it is best and always advisable to spend a little more to get virtual reality glasses that will serve you in virtual reality for years to come.

Do you want to create content?

This question is especially relevant to businesses and often if the answer is positive then you should invest more money and a lot more in 360 cameras, in UNITY 'UNREAL programmers, if you want to take pictures and then look at virtual reality as a hobby you should buy a good quality 360 camera, a good camera will make you significantly easier when Creating content by easy-to-use amateur software.