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Stats and Facts on VR for 2021 & Ahead

Virtual reality doesn't really need a lot of introduction. Not today. 40 Latest while virtual reality (VR) can brag as a miracle, this miracle is inaccessible to most.

While virtual reality is a great technology that gets me in the visualization ism zone, augmented reality is still more new and exciting. Although the term "intellectual property" traces as far back as the 12th century, over the last couple of centuries it has gone through several changes, and become far more sophisticated and nuanced than in previous centuries. Virtual reality (VR) is being leveraged in a way that allows us to go to places, even when we can't be there, do things which are faster and better than real life, and is being used by many to overcome fear and other conditions.

Quick facts and information about Virtual Reality
Market statistics on the virtual reality industries.

1. A virtual and augmented reality market in the United States that is estimated at $16.8 billion and might reach a staggering $160 billion by the year 2023.
We expect the industry for AR and VR to continue to grow globally, especially in the UK.

2. E-marketer accounted that by the end of 2020, more people will use virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) in the US.
Viewing statistics from the virtual reality market, it predicts that 52.1 million and 82.1 million people in the United States will use VR and AR respectively at least once a month this year. These numbers are for 15.7% of the total US population and also 25% of the total population in the U.S. This is a very important boost.

3. Worldwide spending on Virtual Reality (VR) content and apps expected to reach $3.77B in 2021. (source from: tech jury).
Thank you for providing the hardware for faster internet speeds and more responsive audiences. The figures in the last four to five years have been impressive.

4. Not only has the number of VR startups increased by 14% in recent years, but we have predicted it that the numbers will be increasing. (source: Information technology).
Also, as of January 2020, the number of VR startups worldwide listed on AngelList was 2,270 and that is quite a leap from a little over 1,800 in May 2018.

5. The worldwide consumed virtual reality market, segmented into hardware and software, will hit 2.6 billion US dollars worldwide in 2020. <> - At least 10% (source: <>statista)
However, a staggering decline experienced by 0.7 billion US dollars because of the horrific economic impact that has brought about by the coronavirus pandemic.

6. 14 million AR and VR devices sold in 2019 - overall, that is. (source from: tech jury).

This number works out two around eight million devices by 2107, which is a lot of devices. E-cigarettes are growing at an even faster rate as it approaches millions of units sold in 2017.

Statistics for virtual reality users.
7. About 70% of people who play VR (virtual reality) games will expect enhancing their usage in the next year. (source from: tech jury).

Although familiarity of virtual reality (VR) technology increased over the past year, I believe it is likely that the rate of VR use will increase in the coming months.

8. With the increase in development costs, access and availability of the hardware continues to keep VR from being widely adopted. (source: Information technology).

The high-end VR users enjoy their expensive VR headsets, and with them, they like to keep out the possibility of having to drop the price. The budget users and mid-range VR users are more likely to look for affordable VR headsets (50 percent).

9. 64% of VR users agree VR can consumed as the most important medium for gaming. (source: Information technology).
When asked about areas that would profit most from the use of virtual reality technology, most survey takers declared gaming to be the obvious one. Though the VR industry and users of VR technology may currently recognize it, it could gain more visibility in the future as it is further used.

10. According to data from Path Intelligence, virtual reality is slightly more popular than augmented reality, but is still in its development. half of those who have used both AR and VR acknowledge it is better than the old method. 47 percent believe that virtual reality is hotter than augmented reality. (source: Information technology).
This has everything to do with the fact that if you are using an AR system, you do not need a head-mounted device.

11. As of March 6th, 2017, 171 million people globally were using virtual reality headsets.

Compared to last year, we expect that almost 14 million HMDs will ship in this year. Through my estimates, the number of tobacco users will reach 171 million in 2019, if they continue at this pace.

12. we estimate it that about 78% of all Americans are familiar with virtual reality technology. According, an article on forbes.com states: (A)
In 2016 there has been an almost 95 percent improvement on drugs' regulation side.

13. One-in-four adults (25.5% of non-gamers) would likely try virtual reality as their favorite gadget if they had the opportunity. 

Twenty-four percent of people reported having had some success/use of virtual reality, and women who had used the technology, 31 percent were interested, 29 percent tried the technology, and 20 percent of was interested.

Total Immersion in Health Care.
14. The use of virtual reality allows patients to quickly recover and recover cognitively in rehabilitation. 

Patients with cognitive or related disorders spurred by any brain injury very often confronted with a lack of ability and willingness to take part in therapy at a patient's part. By using VR tools, they can cope with this problem wit.

15. Although they are being used to aid low-vision people, virtual reality is also being used. They developed this research to aid to study brain chemistry in young adults.

Iris vison has just become one such instance where a system has become low-vision. They created it with the development of a partnership with Stanford University's John Hopkins School of Medicine.

These other virtual reality companies, including Immersive Touch, have solutions in the virtual reality which allow surgeons to be the surgeon and also able to fine-tune their skills. Compared to older approaches, they are proving to be a more appropriate way of training. Found a microsite on the web.

VR training allowed the surgeons to treat patients with higher accuracy and faster access to both a holistic understanding of diagnostic and surgical procedures, which increased the surgeons' success rates by 230 percent.

17. Virtual reality (VR) devices such as Microsoft's Project HoloLens are already being used to teach human anatomy to medical students at Case Western University. 

Virtual Reality (VR) is revolutionizing medical education and has great potential. The above examples will soon become known as standard practice.

Till 18. At Lucile Packard Children's Hospital in Stanford, medical practitioners are using True 3D to scan the heart and allow them to understand the anatomy of the patient in advance in order to have a better understanding of what is going on inside the patient. The "Stanford Childrens Hospital" study.

A woman named Gina Miller required a valve replacement surgery. Her surgeon used the technologies True 3D and Immersiv3D to turn Dr. Milner's CT scans into an immersive virtual 3D model of her heart, lungs, and chest cavity.

Virtual Reality in the fields of gaming and entertainment.

19. Around 70% of people who own a dedicated VR headset like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, or Sony Playstation VR have purchased games for it. 

And around half of the owners of smartphone VR headsets have also purchased games for their app.

20. Films such as ‘Disclosure’ starring Michael Douglas, “Johnny Mnemonic starring Keanu Reeves” feature VR technology in terrific ways. 

Hollywood is no stranger to virtual reality.

21. Virtual reality game developers leverage object-based audio to create the immersive effect. (

For instance, engine noise, speeding vehicles roar, or the sounds created by nature.

23. The British Museum went creative and used VR devices to engage adults and kids with their collections from the Bronze Age. (source: guardian)

Visitors could walk through the ancient landscapes and interact with the artifacts using a VR controller.

24. 53.9% of Americans expect to use VR for playing video games. 

There has been a steady rise in the sales of gaming headsets like HTC Vive, Playstation VR, Valve Index, and Oculus Rift, regardless of the pricing.

25. According to forecasts by GreenLight Insights, the location-based virtual reality entertainment businesses are about to grow to $825 million by 2021.

Cinemas can top this emerging market. Currently, the most successful adept of VR cinema is IMAX.

26. Lion King’s live-action filmed using virtual reality. Cool, right? 

“We had a full live-action film crew in VR, operating camera equipment as though it was a live-action set,” said Jon Favreau, the director of Lion King.

Virtual Reality systems in Transportation.

27. they currently use it for training pilots in the virtual world. (source: a source).The Air Force research program of pilot training now incorporates virtual reality (VR) as part of its training curriculum. The study showed that replicas of doctors' offices replicated almost exactly what doctors themselves were doing.

2 8. This water firm, Anglian Water, experimented with VR back in April. It was soon after that that they made that decision to employ this technology (VR) to more effectively groom their drivers. (source: Anglian Water).

Besides the scheduled training sessions, the training app is interactive, responsive, and can coach up to 35 drivers per session, providing vital cost-saving benefits. ‘Also, the program also offers real-time feedback based on trainee performance.

29.NASA was one of the earliest companies to use VR technology. The Hubble Telescope needed to work on in order to keep it operating. They used virtual reality to prepare the astronauts to maneuver the arm when weightless. (source: technology rep)
Today NASA has an exclusive VR lab of its own for training crews for spacewalks, Zero-Q mass handling training and robotics operations.

30 days. In the virtual reality training program, Volkswagen Group employees are being made to act more efficiently, and at a cheaper cost. At the protests in unity.

Imagine that the training is available to everyone, in as many ways as needed. This alternative solution is now possible for Volkswagen Group, with the help of Unity and its solution, built by connective.

Virtual Reality in Virtual Reality.
31. Most parents believe that virtual reality (VR) is good at teaching kids about the physical world and can enhance what they already know and learn about it. (source: Futurity news)
Parents worry about the safety and health concerns of e-cigarettes, especially with secondhand smoke. In fact, nearly twenty-two percent of children who have access to VR / video gaming equipment still use it for learning, contrary to the seventy-six percent of children who use it for video games.

32. Virtual reality is being used in different fields, such as health and medicine. One use, called distance education and learning technology applications (DELTA), is in the school system. This is an article from Scribd.

Personally, I think that, for instance, the Introduction to Biology course (BIO 181) is very good at immersing students in field-based experiences.

33. Another institute at Penn State University–Penn State University at Schuylkill–has developed a VR platform to make it easier for students to practice in the virtual world before practicing in the actual world, making it more effective and engaging. (Source: Penn State News).
Some highly regarded institutes such as the University of British Columbia in Vancouver have already started experimenting with virtual lecture halls.

34. As you might expect, a majority of media organizations have already hopped on the VR storytelling wagon, including the popular ones like The New York Times and the Economist. (source: EdTech Magazine).
It actually helps to integrate journalism education easily and allows it to become so straightforward that it's an ideal place for educators. I am searching for VR content.

35. VR (Virtual Reality) is a technology that is being leveraged to aide special needs children. (original source: Reuters)
In Melbourne, Australia, the Queensland School of the Blind for instance, uses the Oculus Rift to enable children with blindness to interact with one another, whereas in the Polish city of Silesia, the Silesian University of Technology facilitates therapeutic exercises with autistic children in a virtual environment.

Virtual Reality in the Marketing.

36. The New York Times did a good few years ago the repeated-time VR experience where they sent out Google Cardboard glasses to their subscribers, and then a few years on a new VR movie each time that was streamed to their subscribers. 

The emotional impact this experience had had on the viewers was so great that they wanted to keep buying all three products: the glasses, the New York Times, and the featured. Well-marketed, it goes large!

37. Like Volvo, companies are using VR technology to allow customers to test out a company's cars before deciding to purchase. As one of the most fascinating features of virtual reality (VR), perhaps it is one of an experience's finest and most enjoyable features if you don't have to meet with your dealer in person. (digital marketing technical institute).

The latest models of their phones have functionality that can be downloaded to your smartphone in a short amount of time. This is yet another Google Cardboard initiative that can also installed as an application (even if you don't have Google Cardboard).

38. The well-known hiking shoe company Merrell created the perfect VR experience by launching their latest hiking shoe, Trail Scape, to build a four-dimensional reality customized specifically for a hiking adventure. 

For the very first time, a company had ever used VR technology, which involved interactive walking elements on various surfaces. Unfortunately, the technology will not be available to the public to purchase at any point in time. The site also had many challenges from horrifying rocks that were all over and around.

39. Lowe's home improvement store has established a virtual reality (VR) program that enables shoppers to "go into a home" in which they can visually "see" what their house will look like after the modification. 

Besides being responsive and competent, they also partnered with Microsoft to create a platform for people to determine home-design schemes and also pick out options they would like inside their homes. Soon, it will be possible to see cross-links between your Pinner's boards on Pinterest.

40. Earlier in 2017, a UK-based travel agency, Thomas Cook, began a promotions campaign called "Try Before You Fly," which allowed travel agents to book their own trips to try out, and in the end, sell ... (digital marketing technical institute).

While the campaign did not take off in the way they hoped, it is a splendid example of what they can do with VR marketing in both the B2B and B2C tourism space.

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